This is Heinrich XIII, a German prince with Russian connections who has been arrested for instigating a coup

The strong man after the coup attempt in Germany who was to take charge of the new institutional structure is Prince Henry XIII, from Royce Gray’s House. Heinrich XIII is 71 years old and is a noble figure who has long been considered one of the main minds of the Reich (Reichswehr), the terrorist group that today has been dismantled by the German police. He is also one of 25 arrested in the raid, which was carried out by the German public prosecutor’s office early Wednesday.

Heinrich XIII connects his dynasty with the Romanovs, the last of the Czars, and is the owner of the Weidmannschel hunting lodge in the Saldorf district, whose annual festival is often seen. Its address is located in the city of Spa Bad Laubensteinalthough he usually lives in the fashionable Westend district of Frankfurt, where he also has his office and has been arrested as one of the people responsible for the political part of the project.

Contact with Moscow

Prince Heinrich XIII is in the real estate business and owns extensive estates in Frankfurt, his main source of income. In 2007, he bought Ebersdorf castle for 100,000 euros and proceeded to renovate it. In addition to being the visible head of the Central Agency under the alleged terrorist group, he is also considered responsible for liaison with Russia, the country where the Reichsburg is suspected of obtaining financing.

In southern Germany, Heinrich XIII was known for promoting the Reichsbürger ideology, according to which Germany would still be ruled by the victors of World War II, with whom he intended to renegotiate. new mode for Germany. His Russian partner, Vitalia B., was also arrested. Several informants penetrated by German intelligence reported that Vitalia “consulted” with Russian officials about the future form of German government after the coup.


The House of Reuss-Greiz distanced itself from Heinrich XIII after his arrest. A spokesperson asserted that this distance referred “principally to his political ideas” and that it dated back to fourteen years, when Henry XIII ceased the running of the household at his own request. «Hardly any personal contacts“He’s being treated like a distant relative” and “partially confused,” the same source added. He has long espoused “conspiracy theory misconceptions.”

One of his few public appearances was at the 2019 Worlswebforum in Zurich, where he gave a speech advocating that his family was “are deprived and confiscatedUnfair treatment for a thousand years. He is convinced that the First World War was instigated by foreign Freemasons and that Germany has not been a sovereign country since May 8, 1945.

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