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This Thursday, May 25th, the period for requesting an appointment begins face to face attention To make the income statement corresponding to the year 2022. So far, this possibility available at this time has not been enabled for citizens who need help to carry out the procedure. The way to order it is online, app or appointment phone numbers 91553 00 71 or 901 22 33 44, the latter Monday through Friday 9am-7pm.

It will be possible to pre-order in person from this day, but with everything, it will not be until June 1 when the service will begin. An appointment from that date will be required for taxpayers to go to the IRS offices with all the documents needed to file their return.

This is the period when the green light is given for face-to-face care, a service that will be active for just under a month. Appointments will start on the day June 1 It may also be requested until June 29, as the deadline for submitting the declaration expires the next day.

For declarations going out for entry and those to be returned, the 2022 income submission period ends June 30. However, if the procedure ends with an entry result and you want to do so by direct debit, the term expires on June 27.

Attention over the phone

Beyond that, personal attention by IRS workers is not limited to a face-to-face situation. Since the beginning of May, it has been We call you plan, which is an alternative to the phone. Taxpayers who want to get help by phone can also request this service.

How is this service? The taxpayer will have to request a telephone appointment online or by calling one of the authorized automatic telephones. There you will choose the day and time you will receive the call from tax agency. In these cases, the agency recommends that you have all the necessary documents on hand at the time the operation is carried out.

According to Europa Press, in this personal income tax campaign it is expected that the total 22,899,000 ads, 3.4% more than the previous year. Of this total, 60% are expected to be due for a refund – €13,600,000, 2% less – for an estimated amount of €9,946 million. In all, the tax authority plans to enter 16.448 million euros, up 5.6% over the previous year, while the amount to be returned will decrease by 2.4% to 9.946 million.

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