This happens when one girl in XXL and another in XS try to wear the same clothes as Zara

Do you like experiments? This is very simple, it’s all about fashion (Fashion Zaraspecifically) and her protagonists are two instagram users who set out to check if Inditex’s clothing size really matches the size indicated on their label.

The creators of the initiative that is now netting through ‘rollers’ and which has gone viral are Christina Zias, referring to ‘body positive’, a curvy model and owner of XL clothes, and her friend Ashley Torres, creator of the fashion, beauty and beauty website. Everyday Pursuits (and a size XS). Thus, they both placed an order for the same clothes at Zara, each with their own size, and they were all tried in front of the camera to verify that the size they offered matches their plus or small size bodies.

Here’s what happens: While Ashley Torres fits all the XS shirts, pants, or skirts she ordered, her friend Christina doesn’t have the same luck: And do not close the zipper of the dress With a strapless eco-leather neckline I ordered in an XL, and no “crochet top” with belts in the same material in purple. Beige skinny jeans and stretch jeans don’t seem to suit her either.

What happened has inspired an Instagram post in which Christina Zias shares her complaint to the brand. “You can do better,” he taps.

“I literally can’t believe it Nothing suits me When it’s supposed to be my size,” he noted before adding that this fact can make someone feel like a “failure.” Know that you are not alone. Who else has tested this? ”

For her part, her friend shared the second part of the message: “When you just want to spend a fun moment with your girlfriend … Christina Zias not only ordered her usual size, but also ordered a larger size in one of these outfits, ”scars.

The couple had previously recorded a similar video with practically similar results. However, there are some pictures where they both looked perfect in identical outfits.

Size protests are common in the fashion world, and more and more voices are being raised demanding their normalization and a wide range of plus sizes, something brands are gradually adding to their catalogs and appearing in their campaigns, as their champions are gaining in diversity.

Thus, “curves” models like Lorena Durán are gaining presence and increasing the number of influencers who advocate for “body positivity”. There is light on the horizon!

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