This film is adapted from the movie “Imported”

Trailer “Sheep Without a Shepherd II”
A brief introduction to the plot of Manslaughter 2 · · · · · ·
Lin Rilang (Xiao Yang), his wife A Ling (Wen Yongshan), and his son Xiao Chong (Wang Haoze) have been living a poor but happy life until his son Xiao Chong needs treatment after an accident. After many setbacks, Lin Ri has nowhere to go. Lang decided to give it a go to save his son. He made a terrifying plan…
This film is adapted from the movie “Imported”.
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Sheep Without a Shepherd II’ (误杀2) is a 2021 Chinese crime drama directed by Dai Mo.

The film, which is an in-name only sequel to 2019’s ‘Sheep Without a Shepherd’, revolves around a father who is willing to put aside his morals to fight for the life of his sick son. The cast includes Xiao Yang, Simon Yam, Janice Man, Chen Yusi, Song Yang, and Aarif Lee.

Synopsis: Lin Rilang (Xiao Yang) and his wife, Ling, and son, Worm, have been living a poor but happy life. When Worm is involved in an accident and urgently needs expensive medical treatment, desperate Lin is willing to let go of his morals to save his son… [© Far East Films]

‘Sheep Without a Shepherd II’ opens across China on December 17, 2021.
Information & Details :
Movie: Sheep Without a Shepherd 2
Country: China
Release Date: Jun, 2022
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
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Sheep Without a Shepherd (Chinese prequel)
Native Title: 误杀2
Also Known As: Wu Sha 2
Director: Dai Mo
Screenwriter: Sakura Yang
Genres: Thriller, Psychological, Crime
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Release Date and time :
Jun, 2022
Cast & Credits :

Dai Mo
Executive producer

Chen Si Cheng

Sakura Yang
Main Role

Xiao Yang
Lin Ri Lang
Main Role
Simon Yam
Zhang Zheng Yi
Main Role
Shawn Yue Main Role
Janine Chang Main Role
Janice Man
A Ling
Main Role
Chen Yu Si Main Role
Support Role

Tan Zhuo Support Role
Paul Chun Support Role
Shi Ming Shuai Support Role
Audrey Hui Support Role
Joan Chen Support Role
Philip Keung Support Role
Trailer: Sheep Without a Shepherd-Trailer 2 误杀 Kinostart China 20.12.2019
Director: Dai Mo
Screenwriter: Li Peng / Liu Wusi / Yang Meiyuan
Starring: Xiao Yang / Ren Dahua / Wen Yongshan / Chen Yuzhen / Song Yang / More…
Genre: Drama / Crime
Production Country/Region: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Release date: 2021-12-17 (Mainland China)
Duration: 118 minutes
Aka: Fireflies in the Sun
IMDb: tt16117346

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