They take the power of erotic literature

“I like to feel a good dick in me,” says Veronica, 46. “Time is what you decide,” Natalia points out about lesbian relationships: “I, for example, end when I start to feel pain & rdquor ;. “As a feminist, I learn that things have to be said, Lydia’s sentence that did not break up with her lovers after the breakup. These are three testimonials out of nearly 30 Women having sex real sex stories to tell (KO Books). Its author, Adaia Teruel (Barcelona, ​​1978), claims to have talked about sex with nearly a hundred women between the ages of 40 and 50 in the process of documentation, without intending to conduct an anthropological study or a thorough journalistic investigation.

As a married couple and two children, Teruel was relocated Deconstructing the lack of sexual appetite that has historically been associated with femininity, recently seasoned with statements by pop stars like Miley Cyrus, who said on a radio show that sex for women is over at the age of 40. As confirmed by the author after the interview Forties living in Barcelona like itFar from being the case, women experience the highest peak in sexual desire after forty. many times Spur after divorceseeking incentives that lead them to open up their relationships as a couple or simply have more confidence in themselves and know their body, as reflected in many of the stories.

women who have sexwhich is a testimony book in which research is more important than method, which is one of the foundations The emergence of literature written by female authors in which sex is the main component. More than a decade after the bombing 50 shade of greyand sexuality expands beyond homosexuality and Nobody expects it to become love anymore What starts out as sadomasochism, though new EL James also tends to conclude that sex is just sex more often than not.

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where Before you chew on the romance, now reflects on the myth of romantic love, emotional education, aesthetic pressure, social stratification or fluid sexuality. The thriller in question may be well written, as it actually appears in 2022 Blessings (Cabinet Books), Lillian Fishman, compiled as “A masterpiece of sex & rdquor; By The Guardian Applauded her Zadie Smith and Jeffrey Eugenides.

Although Fishman began to frame his debut as a strange story, he ended up singing a song An ode to sexual immorality Where pleasure and cruelty are confused. Eve, a convinced lesbian since adolescence as the author herself, is bored with her perfect friend and, after posting some nude photos online, meets Olivia and, through her, Nathan, a handsome, rich, and dominant man who realizes it without ambiguity. his art “is to fuck rdquor;. The secret relationship between the three It takes place through buildings and apartments in New York between Eve’s downfall, and hangs on Nathan despite belonging to a group” for whom queerness implies a certain kind of moral conscience.

With the least moral contradictions develop I might say so (Payments). The heroine of the movie, Veronica, is in her fifties. He feels his instinct has been neglected. She searches for it among the treatments and readings of feminists such as Virginie Despentes, Betty Friedan, and Sarah Ahmed. What if he finds it as it was mentioned in various chapters ranging from seeking help from sex and enjoying pornography or Therapeutic benefits of ecstasy.

author, María Acaso (Madrid, 1970), Head of Education at the Reina Sofia Museum And devoted to writing since 2006, introduces I might say so As an ‘educational academy’ who wants to show that We can live differently than we think we should. The author admits that her divorce prompted her to reflect on the emotional model she was looking for and to address existing prejudices, especially among members of her generation. Joyful menopauseAs the book claims, it is the period of life when a woman can finally stop prioritizing the care of others in order to devote herself.

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Going through another phase of life OpensBy journalist Rachel Krantz. Between 2015 and 2019, he was between the ages of 27 and 31 and was entering Your first non-monogamous relationship and domination/submission, he devoted himself to documenting it “obsessively” through extensive diaries and audio recordings.

The play begins from the moment Rachel meets Adam, a refined man a decade older and with a diverse library that catches her eye. Wide section of Philip Roth. “I’d just broken up with Dan, a guy with no curtains and no more than a dozen books, let alone a clean vase. That’s progress,” she suggests to herself. It won’t take long for Adam to tell her he’s looking for a serious relationship, but it’s not exclusive.

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From there, the plot progresses as they talk about it Explicit sex and drugssexual assaults, immoral practice of BDSM, multiple relationships, abuse, Mother Savior Jewish Congregation And the problems arising from the relationship with the father figure, warns the author, who remembers from the first moment that she explains her personal experience and that she is in no way presented as an ideal reference.

“Can a woman like me admit in 2022 that she is a fully sexual being and maintain the respect that is supposed to come with being an award-winning investigative journalist?” Professionally ambitious Rachel would end up discovering that in her sexual dynamics she leans towards submission, which is sometimes turned into an object by dominant men. Faced with the taboo of not talking about sex that weighed down previous generations, the new authors demolished The last frontier: speaking very honestly, no matter who you weigh.

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