They reveal why Quevedo will be able to end his music career in the coming months

  • Socialité has presented an exclusive offer that can surprise a lot of people

  • The program highlights that Quevedo misses his family and his land

Socialité wanted to enter the world of music to present an exclusive show that could surprise a lot of people. According to Mediaset, kevidu He could end his music career prematurely.

After releasing what appears to be a summer song with Bizarrap and preparing a new album, Canary will rethink some aspects of his personal life, always according to the information in the program. He would develop a “stage phobia”.

The program also highlights that Quevedo misses his family and his land He could return to the Canary Islands after completing the remaining three concerts on his tour. It is not known whether this decision is temporary or final.

Maria Patiño raised doubts about the decision, which, despite the fact that “Socialité” confirmed that it was published with good sources, was somewhat disjointed, Seeing that Quevedo has finally taken off as an international artist His most recent work is original sweets, both in terms of repercussions and in terms of money.

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