They reveal what a Passapalabra contestant earns for every show he participates in in Antena 3

With Passapalabra on vacation, Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castaño had to stop their confrontation so they could get back into the routine. This isn’t the first time the two have faced each other in Roscoe, as they both have a background as racers. Rafa Castaño is already on his fourth run, after competing in 2015, 2017 and 2019. This past year, it was when he bumped into Orestes and they had 41 confrontations before they met again in this eternal duel they live each afternoon. In the Antena 3 group, Castaño recently managed to reach 50 programmes, which is his personal record after participating on two previous occasions.

They both face the last round of the program daily in the hope of winning the jackpot that already exceeds 1,390,000 euros, but there is one fact unknown to the public: How much do they earn per program? The answer is that for every expired donut, Orestes and Rafa earn 1,200 euros, which brings Rafa’s earnings to more than 60,000 euros and Orestes, who broke the 200 barrier, over 240,000 euros. When asked how much famous guests earn, the answer was not accurate, but recent data revealed that the amount ranged between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.

Rafa and Orestes have both made themselves public with their friendly duel and the crowd can’t wait for the day one of them finally completes a donut. Roberto Leal entered as a booster for the program to replace the legendary Cristian Galvez, who ended up leaving his position as presenter. Now, Galvez presents the Alta Tension contest that is broadcast on Spanish TV. The changes do not appear to be in line with the format, including its broadcast on Antena 3 after Telecinco sued for broadcast rights.

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The first contestant to become nationally famous in this program was Fran Gonzalez, Colotto’s neighbor, Oviedo, who became the great protagonist of Pasabalabra. After an absence of several weeks, his return to the ring was made in the news. After him, other mass phenomena appeared like Pablo Diaz, the young man who managed to win donuts and still has many fans on social networks today.

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