They find a family a week after getting lost and a mysterious connection: ‘I need protection, it’s about 9/11’

Michigan authorities are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a family, whose whereabouts have already been determined, after they left the house without notifying anyone, leaving the grandmother alone at home and after a mysterious call to the police asking for urgent protection. This is the case of Anthony Sirigliano, his wife Suzette, and the couple’s two children, ages 19 and 15, both of whom have autism. The family was last seen on October 16 filling a tank and carrying food into the car before leaving for an unknown location. Relatives of Cirigliano informed authorities of the strangeness of the sudden departure, especially when they left Suzette’s mother alone at home, who was found by a neighbor and is already at the home of other relatives, CNN reported. A disturbing call The strangest thing about the disappearance is found in the call received by the Fremont, Michigan police, from the father of the family. A message that made the authorities worry about Serigliano’s safety: “I need protection immediately. It is a matter of national interest related to the events of September 11th. “There are people who want my jacket off the face of the earth,” the man said, in what is being treated in the United States as a conspiracy theory in which the head of the household was seen submerged. The family was found this Sunday in Wisconsin and the investigation into the reason for his departure continues. The authorities, fearing what might happen, asked the man if he had any kind of weapon, and he replied that he didn’t have any. and that “everything was fine”. They were eventually found in perfect condition in Wisconsin, although the background to the sudden disappearance is still being investigated.

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