They denounced a possible case of “Ecce Homo” for “repainting” a virgin in Galicia

The architect Alberto Fuentes Valcarcel conveyed to the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Xunta de Galicia a report warning of Possible Case for “Ecce Homo”although not as “aggravating” as the Aragonese commune of Borja or the Virgin of Chamorro, in Ferrol, due to the “repainting” of the Virgin by the 19th-century sculptor Isidoro Brocos and which was found in the Military Chapel of San Andrés, in the city of A Coruña.

As he explained to Europa Press, the Virgen del Carmen sculpture was removed for restoration, although once it was returned to the church, it was verified, in his case, that “They repainted it instead of restoring it.” “And that’s it,” said this architect, adding that “all the original colors are gone.”

“Although it is not so terrible on the horizon, it is an equally grave mistake.”, when asked if it can be compared to the case of “Ecce Homo”. “It’s not something aggravated like Ecce Homo or Chamorro Maiden,” he judged.

But he stressed that “it is still a big mistake” and that is why he contacted the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage to assess what happened. In this type of case, he stated that an action of this kind should be performed by “authorized personnel”.

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Alberto Fuentes also explained that some parishioners expressed their unease and that The parish priest maintained that he “didn’t care because he was better off”..

For its part, the Department of Culture confirmed that a discourse on this subject had entered this week, and that the technicians of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage were collecting information to “know the facts.”

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