They condemn Amazon for using delivery drivers as bogus freelancers

Court 14 of Madrid condemns Amazon for using delivery drivers as fake self-employed workers. Specifically, this court declared the employment relationship of 2,166 delivery people who were forced to work with their own vehicle to deliver packages using the company’s show-how-to-work app (Amazon Flex). The ruling recognizes that these workers should have worked as employees.

This is evidenced by the ruling of this court compiled by the legal services of the General Federation of Workers. In the aforementioned sentence, it is excluded that the company acts as a mere intermediary between companies and distributors and it is emphatically aware that “ultimately, the elements of dependence and alienation agree, which determine the eligibility of the legal relations analyzed for the liquidation procedure, as common business relations”.

The sentence states that this “means to estimate a claim by declaring that the reflected persons maintained an employment relationship, at the specified periods in which each of them rendered services during the period covered by the Act of Settlement.”

He said the court considers that the concept of a uniform employee in CJEUThink of a broader concept of an employment contract. “This concept, incorporated in Spain by the Ryder Law and which takes into account the emergence of companies that provide services through new technologies and digital platforms,” they point out from the UGT.

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