They ban the sale of cat and dog meat in the Indonesian market, and the first to undergo this measure


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Well-known market developed in Indonesia Ending the sale of dog and cat meat, It is a measure called for by animal rights groups, which have denounced it for years Brutal slaughter methods.

In the market city of Tomohon, on the island of Sulawesi, it was possible to get dog and cat meat, however So are bats, rats, snakes and monkeys.

The six sellers of dog and cat meat signed a Agreement to stop the sale And the mayor passed an ordinance banning this trade in the market in the future, Humane Animal Rights Defense Association International (HSI) said in a statement.

The previously inflexible market is the first of its kind in Indonesia to end the cat and dog meat trade, the NGO said, celebrating a “historic deal that will prevent thousands of animals from being clubbed and burned for human consumption”.

Indonesian remains One of the few countries in the world that allows the sale of dog and cat meat.

HSI estimates that this agreement could save the lives of several thousand puppies on the island, as it reaches 130,000 are slaughtered each year.

The coronavirus pandemic, the beginning of which is linked to a Chinese open market, has raised fears of zoonotic diseases.

With this new ban, HSI and other groups hope to prevent the spread of the rabies virus as well.

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