They are trying to assassinate the star journalist and scourge of López Obrador Cerro Gómez Leyva.

One of the most popular news presenters in Mexico, Ciro Gomez LeyvaHe was shot near his home in Mexico City. The presenter of Radio Fórmula and Imagen Televisión himself denounced the ambush on his social networks reporting the shooting. Business style is subject to the usual procedure for a journalist’s extirpation in Mexico, which for the fourth year in a row is considered as Notified reporting: A motorcycle with two passengers approaches the immediate vicinity of the residence and proceeds to unload ammunition against the “uncomfortable” communicator.

The shooting took place at 11:10 pm, on Thursday, December 15, just 200 meters from his house. The informant witnessed that Your pocket shield He saved him from certain death to later report the horrific act to the authorities. As many as five bullets from a large-caliber weapon hit the car in which the famous lieutenant colonel was driving. Two shots in the driver’s window, two more in front and one in the front window, signify the apparent target of the assassination of the journalist who obtained a confession with shovels like the capture of former Pemex manager Emilio Lozoya during an interview with the Guardian. Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico, Alejandro Gertz Manero.

The day after the attack, Mexico’s President López Obrador stated from his regular morning conference that he was “not alone”. Sending him all his support and protection while informing him that they recognized the motorcycle the men were riding. Two killers And another vehicle made an attempt to assassinate the lieutenant colonel. Some investigations, which are not frequent, if they tend to occur in some media cases that do not prevent them from registering in 98% impunity In the already usual murders of journalists in Mexico. The politician Tabasco came to express that this attack on a leader of public opinion and damage to a personality generates “a lot of political instability.” To the conclusion that “the main thing is that no one should be attacked.”

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Statements of the President of the Republic against the journalist

The tug-of-war between the chief and the presenter has always been evident by mutual reprimands. The president declared his support “is out of conviction, as we have notorious controversies in the public sphere, we will continue to have, but it is absolutely reprehensible that anyone’s life should be attempted.”

The coincidence means that just the day before he sent letters against this journalist who joined him Laurete de Mola and Sergio Sarmiento. He continued, “If you listen to them too much, you might get a tumor on your head.” AMLO continued his diatribe, referring to the three informants of good repute: ‘They are very deceitful people, we must continue to inform them, not leave the ground empty for them. Imagine if you just listened to Ciro, Loret de Mola, or Sarmiento. No, because it is also harmful to health! ”

Image - «They are very deceitful people, we must continue to inform them, not to let the land free for them.  Imagine if you just listened to Ciro, Loret de Mola, or Sarmiento.  No, because even harmful to health!  »

«They are very deceitful people, we must continue to inform them, not leave the land empty for them. Imagine if you just listened to Ciro, Loret de Mola, or Sarmiento. No, because even harmful to health! »

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

President of Mexico

These crude remarks against popular media figures from the National Palace are due to criticism of the president’s personal and sometimes rocky projects, such as Mayan Train, Dos Bocas Refinery and developments of the Patria vaccine in Mexico. Cerro also criticized the fact that Andrés Manuel López Obrador was not subpoenaed to testify before the office of the Electoral Crimes Prosecutor who brought the case, and dropped the investigation against Pyo López Obrador, the president’s brother, because of video footage from seven years in which he appears to be receiving information. Cash shipments stuffed in envelopes.

In view of the seriousness of the attack, other authorities have expressed their support, such as Omar Garcia Harfoush, responsible for the security of citizens in Mexico City, who assured that he would stop the attackers and send the journalist all the support of the authorities. Mexico City Governor, Claudia Sheinbaumconfirms that Gomez Leyva will be provided with security and that he will start investigations by reviewing the security cameras.

There were many journalists and politicians such as Marco Cortés, leader of the National Action Party (PAN), who showed their solidarity “with all journalists because of the difficult situation they are in today” in Mexico. Joined by the organization ‘Article 19’, it condemns the events while “demanding the authorities to strengthen their protection and ensure a serious investigation”. It was an attack much reminiscent of Lord Maldonado’s earlier this year when the Tijuana-based Televisa presenter, who benefited from supposed government protection for journalists, was shot dead inside her car in front of her home.

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