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Old profile picture of Elon Musk on the social network Twitter.
Old profile picture of Elon Musk on the social network Twitter.Jeff Rovik (Reuters)

Elon Musk has a new plan for checkmarked user accounts. It once again delayed the launch of the subscription service that gives the right to this distinction on the social network, and at the same time reformulated it. There will no longer be a single blue tick confirming the authenticity of the account, but now there will be three different color categories: blue (people), gold (companies), and gray (official accounts). Musk is also correcting his policy of giving the mark without any censorship and will manually check again that it matches the person who recorded it.

Billionaire born in Pretoria (South Africa) Confirm in response to a user of the social network That the new system will be launched next Friday in principle, although the credibility of its announcements is relative, because it is repeatedly contradicted. Musk promises that he will provide more details next week, and for the time being there are still some doubts, especially in border areas, as people who also hold public office.

“Sorry for the delay, we’ll start tentatively Verified Friday next week. Gold verification for businesses, gray for governments, blue for individuals (celebrities or not), all verified accounts will be manually authenticated before verification is activated. Painful, but necessary.” he tweeted.

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In another later answer, He insisted that no differentiation would be made between the identities of other users with an approved identity. All verified humans will have the same blue tick, such as the limits of what constitutes noticeable It is very subjective. Individuals can have a small secondary logo stating their membership in an organization if they are verified by the organization. [Habrá] Longer explanation next week,” he wrote.

The chaos created by the scammers’ attack put the launch of Twitter’s $7.99 paid subscription, which included a blue checkmark, on hold. He wanted to launch it at full speed despite warnings of the risks of identity theft involved and with no controls in place for such verification. Users impersonated not only politicians and celebrities, but also companies, earning the seal that was always used online to certify the authenticity of an account. There was even “verified” the existence of Jesus Christ.

The richest man in the world was in a hurry to launch the service to compensate for the flight of advertisers, worried about the future of the network, who did not want their ads to be surrounded by hate messages, impersonation or misinformation in general. For now, not only is Musk making an alternative income, but the chaos he unleashed is scaring away more advertisers. It has now announced a “general amnesty” for accounts suspended for misinformation, racism, sexism, homophobia, hate messages or incitement to violence as long as they do not cross legal limits.

Nor is it clear what will happen to those who now have the blue check mark and do not subscribe to the new service. last week announce it “In a few months” those who had the blue tick with the previous system will lose it if they don’t pay.

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Twitter launched its blue-branded subscription service on November 5. And later it was suspended to prevent those whose falsehood was verified from interfering in the legislative elections on the eighth of this month, and it was launched again on the ninth of the month, and it was suspended again on the eleventh due to the chaos of fraudsters, which even led to the collapse of some companies in the legislative elections . Stock market. He set November 29 as the new date for the third attempt and now he has pushed it back again to December 2.

Twitter has already provided that there will be a distinction between blue (paid) and gray (official) check marks. In the beginning, Esther Crawford, Twitter Product ExecutiveHe said the gray flag was for “government accounts, corporations, business partners, major media outlets, publishers, and certain public figures,” but in less than 24 hours Musk decided to exclude media and personalities. Now, the billionaire has announced that third category, Gold, for businesses. In principle, the gray certificate was planned to be free. In his desperate search for income to offset advertisers’ flight, he might consider making the corporate gold tier payable, and even at a higher price than that of individual users.

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