These are the workspaces that have changed a lot in post-Covid Spain

Due to the effects of the epidemic, the Spaniards began to place great importance on their physical and mental health, although many others must be added to the list of changes. Today we will delve into One closely related to work.

And it is that there have been many companies located in Spain and companies in general that have had to restructure their workspaces. As a result, some companies that specialize in office furniture, such as Ofiprix, have seen a boom.

The truth is Transforming classic offices into mixed, multi-purpose spaces was quite a challenge. However, little by little a new business model was created and even managed to push the traditional one into the background.

The development of remote work

You don’t have to look far back to find a time when employment boiled down to having to get up very early in order to get to work on time. Traffic jams take a toll, fully affect employee productivity, who have already arrived at the office with a high level of stress.

Going to the office whether by private transportation and audience selection is synonymous with Increased carbon footprint, a factor that also leads to the prevalence of hybrid models. In other words, not only has COVID-19 helped expand remote working to unexpected limits.

However, it cannot be denied that the pandemic was the main reason for face-to-face work in the office which is undergoing a radical change. In reality, In just one year, remote work has registered an increase of more than 74 pointssomething that has never happened in our country.

Despite this, those who are in favor of remote working are not entirely satisfied with the current figures. Specifically, it is estimated that 16% of workers are Hispanic They perform their professional duties from the comfort of home.

The hybrid model applied by Spanish companies

While it is true that working from home offers many benefits that positively affect both the employee and the company itself, as evidenced by increased productivity, There are some tasks that require yes or yes to be in the office.

Large multinational corporations, companies with a wide reach across the country, and small and medium-sized businesses know this, but they also know that Most of your employees will appreciate being able to work from home. Because of this, and due to post-COVID needs, the hybrid model ended up catching on.

To this day, it remains difficult for Spanish companies to re-adapt their organizations to the mixed business model. Fortunately, thanks to institutional help, they are getting easier. In this way, they were able to forge ideal spaces for a hybrid business model.

Before delving into these spaces, it’s time to find out exactly what this function is. we are before Kind of work synonymous with flexibility. In other words, the main goal is to impart to the employee an invaluable autonomy that he can always enjoy. Depending on your needs or what the company in question has at that moment, you can work from your home or go to the office.

Ofiprix leads the adaptation of offices to the new needs of the labor market

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in remote work in Spain, and many companies have had to adapt their workspaces to deal with this new reality. Ofiprix, the country’s leading retailer of office furniture, has responded to this demand by launching a Strategic plan to help companies To adapt their offices to the new needs of the labor market.

This plan is an aid for the transition to new organizational models, where both face-to-face and remote work coexist, and which allow companies to implement hybrid business models. In addition, Ofiprix too Provides workspace planning and design services To help companies optimize the use of their spaces and create more comfortable and efficient work environments.

At a time when remote work has become so important, Ofiprix helps companies adapt to this new reality And provide its employees with the necessary means to work effectively, whether from the office or from home. With its Ofiprix strategic plan It occupies a leading position in adapting offices to the new needs of the labor market and as a company committed to the comfort and efficiency of its customers.

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