These are the workers who have benefited from an increase in the minimum wage for professionals

Last Tuesday, January 31, the Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced a new 8% increase in the occupational minimum wage (SMI) to deal with the effects of rising inflation, after meeting with the CCOO and UGT unions. Thanks to this measure, the minimum income in our country will go from the current one 1000 Euros at 1080 Euros per month in 14 batches

this increase in SMIwhich was approved Tuesday, February 14 in the Council of Ministers, will be Retroactive as of January 1, 2023. In this way, workers who benefit from this salary increase will also receive the corresponding January payments on their February payroll.

Which workers will notice the minimum wage increase the most?

According to government estimates, more than 2 million people In our country they will benefit from this new rise in SMI. Thus, once approved, workers whose total salaries in 14 batches are less than €1,000 will see their salaries increase by 8%.

Thus, those workers who are more dangerous and who are not subject to any collective agreement will be the beneficiaries of this measure. SMI Review It will not affect the structure or the amount of salaries of professionals over 1,080 euros per month in 14 batches.

One of the sectors that you will notice this increase the most is agriculturalWhere, according to Comisiones Obreras, about 47% of employees are dedicated to this field Full-time workers can benefit from this increase in the minimum wage. Moreover, more than 30% of young people and the 14.5% of workers are in the services sector It can also be affected by this action.

It will also affect the collection of benefits for the unemployed over the age of 45 and those with family responsibilities, benefits for those over the age of 52 or the exceptional wage for the unemployed.

In which communities will the rise in SMI be most pronounced?

For their part, as the data revealed, the independent communities that would see a higher SMI would be regions like Andalusia, the Canary Islands, Murcia and Extremadura.

The reason is that these areas are the ones that collect the majority of minimum wage workers, so they stand to benefit the most.

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