These are the vocational training occupations with the best chances of finding work in 2023

Choosing to study FP or obtain an undergraduate degree is one of the decisions that any student has to face. Those who choose apprenticeships are looking for Practical studies To join the labor market as soon as possible. This option has more and more students in Spain and already reaches nearly a million, according to the Caixabank Observatory for Vocational Training.

Indeed, the same report indicates that the growth of VT continues and It reached 32.73% in the 2020-21 academic year of Spanish students.

In Spain there are 150 courses divided between basic training, intermediate level and higher level. In this sense, the CCC official vocational training center published what are the six technical professions with FP which They have more job opportunities For this year 2023.

Professions with vocational training that have the highest number of job opportunities

Administrative regulation

This group includes occupations related to management, customer service, or assistant managers, among others. According to CCC, they signed in recent months More than 160,000 contracts from this type. As for the specific qualifications, the qualifications with the most chances are those with high technicians in management and finance.

Auxiliary nursing care

According to the report, in 2022, More than 112,000 contractss for assistant nursing technicians. The healthcare industry spans countless specialties. Occupations such as pharmacist and pharmacy technician, senior technician in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine, senior technician in clinical laboratory and biomedicine or senior technician in oral hygiene are some of those professions that distinguish High employability.

child education

According to the CCC, it is the Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education FP that has selected its graduates More contracts Within the social, cultural and community services sector. In this sector, profiles trained in Electrical and Automation Fitters or Electronic Maintenance Technicians also stand out.

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Commercial activities

The commercial sector continues to be one of the sources of employment in Spain. Therefore, the Business courses They have a high level of employment.

Microcomputer systems and networks

Technological sectors continue to grow due to the momentum and advancement of technology. CCC states that Systems Technician FP Microcomputers and networks Generated access to over 14,000 contracts of Multi-platform application development Do the same with 130,000 contracts and Information Systems Management In the network more than 12.000.

As specified on the CCC website, these six FP occupations are ranked with the highest level of employment according to SEPE’s Occupation Observatory Labor Market Trends.

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