These are the sausages that doctors recommend as the healthiest

In Spain We love sausage, but it seems to be just that It is not a food Our healthiest diet, from do the opposite. It turns out that several studies have shown that a while ago consume meat red can be carcinogenic to HumansEach serving is 50 grams of meat that have been processed It can be consumed daily The chances of developing colorectal cancer increase by 18%.

But although it is recommended to consume Processed meats only occasionally, and there are some types more healthy What others.

These are the types of sausages

1. Iberian ham

one of great favorites in our country, Serrano ham, and Iberian ham to be specific. This type of meat follows under processing The process that goes through salting and meat curing, Although there are some experts who assert that it cannot be compared to others Types of processed meatwhich is why it is one of the healthiest.

2. Extra cooked ham

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in our country This kind of person has always been known Pork such as York ham‘, although in fact cooked pork It includes all types, and The most recommended for health is “extra”. usually others Pork types Cooked does not contain 55% meat But the extra can come up to 100%.

3. Iberian loin

within limits Sausage is also one of the most recommendedThis is because it is a file A very important source of protein rich in B vitamins And in minerals like ironhe potassium or zinc.

  • by Finally, we have the turkey breast slicesIt is a staple food Diets for weight loss. But although it can help us get a file material that we wantthis does not mean that it is healthy, as there are some slide packages in which we can see this contain about 55% of meat and the rest Sugars and unhealthy ingredients. This does not mean that there is Other segments 90% completed Türkiye, so those Most recommended.

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