These are the reasons why “El Pollo Pepe” is the most read children’s book

Chicken Pepe is one of the symbols par excellence in the last two decades of Spanish childhood. the story of this Cute yellow bird It’s told in a series of picture books with 3D elements folded in so kids can do it They play as they are initiated into the world of reading. Although the phrases are short and succinct—”Baby chicken eats a lot of corn”—it has become popular in our country Most read children’s book Well, two of the three million sold stories from this story are here.

But what are the reasons behind it Resounding success? Many would think these kinds of stories are ridiculous and pointless, and nothing could be further from the truth, they are The narrative structure is more complex than it might appear to the naked eye. Writer and screenwriter Jorge Corrales He called his analysis on his Twitter account: “If a children’s book is a best seller, it’s for a reason and I’m going to try to explain why.”

complex novel

The first reason in Use repetition. An obvious example of this is statements like the one we mentioned before, where Pepe eats chicken different foods: Barley, corn, wheat… However, the building of phrases It doesn’t seem to differ: It establishes a premise to be able to later turn the story around. The premise of this story may sound silly to us as adults, however It is understandable for a two-year-old child: a chicken eats ”, Corrales explains.

What are the authors trying to achieve through the constant use of repetition? “A unique item, very adult… suspense”, says the author. The goal is to hide important information So that the reader will want to continue reading The story, a very useful thing if the readers are children.

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plot conflict

Apart from the game with premise and suspense Writers enter the story conflict, Although it may seem impossible. Specifically, this new resource is implemented in Infographics of pages that may appear the same or even the same. But every page we turn, The animal is getting closer and closer to its ultimate goal.

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However, far from being a dietary pill, Corrales explains what Find out about his children about this book: “As soon as a child’s character appears, whether it’s a baby animal or a baby, they always ask the same thing: Where are their parents?” For them, seeing a character in this situation is a reflection of what they fear most: being alone without an adult. Explain.

And after that thread comes the latest twist, because behind all the wheat that Baby Chicken is chasing, there is a big chicken who is his “mother.” Screenwriter finally thinks about The real difficulty of writing a children’s story, A genre of literature also follows specific structures and must use a series of specific resources to get our children hooked on history.

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