These are the pets that you cannot have in the house if they are not registered by law

One in four Spanish families has a dog at home. animal and its existence according to statistics, increased “significantly” after the pandemic. from last January 1Pets have become part of the family, and they are The law considers it another member. From now on, animals are already protected by law so they can’t suffer from abuse And the people who want to have one, are responsible and should answer them.

There are many questions and answers about pets, from vaccinations to care or how-to do to make them happy.

according to study It is conducted annually by the Affinity Foundation and the Department of Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine at the University of Michigan Autonomous University of BarcelonaDetails about what Currently registered He scored a total of thirteen million PetsCorresponding to 27.7%. some numbers This exposes a lack of control diffuse exists on official control of Pets.

The new animal welfare law

how We already knowAnimal Welfare Act Comes with news which you must follow a pet. Courses for dog owners and some no longer animals It could be at home and others you can’t leave Home Alone when you exceed the time.

In the case of registration of accompanying animals, thank you For this new law was drawn up A “Central System of Records for Animal Protection”. system will be established Through a national system, where previously it was at the level of autonomous communities.

How do I register my pet?

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all Autonomyin the exercise of its powers, will incorporate into this New standard information collected in their information systems. a Information to be collected By your pet’s regular vet.

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The information we should include about our pets

  • Identification and health data of the animal.

  • If they carry out activities related to human activities – hunting activity, employment in the state security apparatus, or grazing activity -.

  • We must contribute if we have a reproductive animal – if we dedicate ourselves to breeding -.

  • If we decide to give up the animal.

What animals should we register?

The law includes only the obligation to specify, by chip, to Dogs, cats and rodents; and by ringing, Since birthfor birds

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