These are the pensions that won’t go up in 2023

This year on pensions increased by 8.5% The ability to purchase it High consumer price index which has risen in tandem in recent months. This is the largest record to date annuities contributor with the aim of that Pensioners do not lose Purchasing power compared to price increases in recent months. Change to adjust pensions with the consumer price index, led to the abolition of wages Compensation awarded to date.

retirement pensions, such as disability, Orphans or widows, they will get a raise 15% quantities which was extended by the government.

Pensions rise

in the face of these increases Everyone will receive them. There will be retirees who don’t You may benefit from this increase:

  • Retirees who get An amount greater than 3,000 euros They won’t say useful 8.5%where the quantity cannot be exceeded 42,823.34 euros per year.

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Until December 2022 it was the maximum pension 2830 euros. In this New Year the barrier has been overcome An increase of 240 eurosexceeding 3,000 euros.

Low pensions

As in all things, we also find the extreme.

  • retired who They receive a minimum pension This also adds up Not having any family responsible would cost €721.70 monthly from the same year 2023.

  • Those who receive a non-contributory minimum pension will receive 484.61 euros per month.

Pensioners’ rights

  • Receive the monthly pension in the chosen payment method. A person may receive fourteen annual payments corresponding to each month of the year and two exceptional payments in June and November

  • Obtaining health careWhich includes the pensioner and his beneficiaries as well Free pharmaceutical care. For outpatient pharmaceutical care, the retiree contributes a percentage of the retail price, always with certain limits.

  • When traveling, pensioners are entitled to health care By presenting a DNI and health card in the national territory and with the European health card in the European Economic Area and Switzerland

  • Receive family benefits, as long as the requirements are met. They include benefits for dependent children under the age of 18 with a disability equal to or greater than 65% (regardless of income level) or for the care of minors permanently or in a pre-adoption state. In the latter case, it will depend on the income level of the pensioner.

  • Enjoy complementary social security services. Some are retirement care centers, leave programs aimed at this group, or home help services

  • Ask for any information Required regarding the status of a pensioner, as well as requesting certain certificates regarding this same condition, such as a personal income tax withholding document or the amount of the pension

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