These are the pensioners who will receive more than 6,000 euros with the extra pay in June

The month of June begins in which additional payments for pensions are made. In recent months, these have already been higher due to 8.5% increase approved by the government. The revaluation of pensions makes some retirees see how in June the amount of their pensions grows to 6,000 euros.

socialist pensions They are loaded in 14 batches. According to the latest data distributed by the government, the average pension system in Spain is 1195.1 euros per month.

In the extra summer pay each retiree receives, in addition to the normal amount for each month, that he or she is paid Additional income leads to double the amount In this month of the year.

Retirees who will receive €6,000 in extra pay

In this way, retirees who receive the maximum pension in Spain, i.e. 3059 euros gross per month, will see this amount double. In this case, these people will see at the end of June a Income 6118 euros.

Overtime pay only affects retirees whose benefits are paid in 14 installments. These are those who are retired due to permanent disability, widowhood, orphanage in favor of relatives, or retirement.

The rest, whose pensions are paid in 12 instalments, will not receive the extra summer wages. Pensioners who receive this type of pension are those whose pension is derived from a non-work accident or common illness.

On the other hand, this year there is a change in the additional pension payment and nothing but its progression. Each bank pays on a certain date but, in any case, all income will be produced Between 23 and 28 Junedepending on the situation.

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The amount of the average pension in Spain

The average pension of the system, that is, which includes the various types of pensions (retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood and for the benefit of relatives) is 1,195.1 euros per month.

According to government data for the year 2023, the average retirement pension of the system is 1,375.2 euros, and the average retirement pension from the public system is 1,533.6 euros per month, while the lowest is registered in the self-employed system, which is 915.5 euros / month. . The average widow’s pension is 851.7 euros per month.

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