These are the most common distractions behind the wheel, according to DGT

A large proportion of traffic accidents on Spanish roads arise from small distractions behind the wheel. According to data from the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), 60% of accidents and 30% of deaths caused by this kind of negligence. Therefore, to drive safely it is essential to maintain concentration at all times and avoid anything that can distract us.

Looking for glasses, children ‘watching’ through mirrors, sending a WhatsApp, a family discussion escalating, lighting a cigarette… From the official page of DGT Mark some like these:

Mobile phone use

Although it is an essential device in our daily lives and can be of great help in the event of an accident, its use is one of the main reasons for this. From DGT they remember that It takes 8 seconds to answer a call from us And dial a phone number, 13. This assumes, for example, that Driving at 120 km / h, the car will travel 266 meters without much control.

In addition, this must be taken into account with a mobile phone four to nine times the risk of an accident, As if we have 1.0g/L of alcohol in our blood and it doubles the normal reaction time.

Browser configuration

Navigators are becoming more common in cars, and some are even built into them. Now, with a generalization smart phonesWe can take immediate advantage of applications that serve this function. Configure our destiny It will take at least 15 seconds, Which means If the car we are driving is traveling at 90 km/h, We will not travel less 375 meters without the driver realizing it.Put up the mirrors

The interior and exterior mirrors must always be positioned before starting the rally, thus avoiding distraction while driving. This simple gesture can save you from a good panic.

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If you are traveling with a pet in the car, it is Mandatory to go ‘on leash’ or in its own carrier to prevent him from moving and even interfering with driving. In fact, failure to do so can result in very large penalties.

Eat and drink

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Obviously, restoring strength and hydration is very important, but it is recommended Pause for a few minutes And we do that when we’re not running.


It can take about 4 seconds to light a cigarette. It can distract from what is happening on the road for 130 meters if you are driving at 120 km / h and about 100 meters if you are going at 90. In addition, it multiplies the risk of an accident by 8. The same thing happens if we look for a lighter, then tobacco , then we set it on fire & mldr;

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