These are the lowest unemployment jobs in 2023, according to a study

Job search platform Indeed has published a list of the most in-demand professions today

Tech jobs dominate the list of jobs with the lowest unemployment rate on Indeed in 2023 Gorodenkov

Job search platform «actuallyHe compiled a list with a Better business published on its platform, defining as “the best” those works that contain high demand And they get paid well too.

In addition, the platform analyzed the factors that make up the “best” jobs. according to his reportWorkplace Wellness 2022Made by ForresterSalary and flexibility remain key needs for job seekers. “So, this year, we added flexibility as a metric when determining the best jobs for 2023,” they explain from Indeed, to which they add: “We know that salary and flexibility aren’t the only factors that contribute to well-being in the workplace. Happy to work in the culture of the employer and the company.”

But to determine the best opportunities for job seekers, the company analyzed “opportunities that may satisfy factors that we know are important to job seekers and that can be measured within the job title: Salary + Flexibility.” This, along with the growth of opportunities and availabilitymake it possible to “identify our picks for the best opportunities for today’s job seekers”.

  1. 1

    Full stack developer

  2. 2

    Data engineer

  3. 3

    Cloud engineer

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Senior Product Manager

  6. 6

    backend developer

  7. 7

    Site Reliability Engineer

  8. 8

    Machine learning engineer

  9. 9

    A nurse with a master’s degree in psychiatry

  10. 10

    Product designer

  11. Eleven

    Professional consultant

  12. 12

    Real estate manager

  13. 13

    Energy consultant

  14. 14

    logistics manager

  15. fifteen

    Director of Diversity and Inclusion

  16. 16

    Growth Marketing Specialist

  17. 17

    Content strategist

  18. 18


  19. 19

    Investment advisor

  20. twenty

    Digital transformation consultant

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Despite all the news that jumped on Layoffs In this region in the second half of 2022, the Technical jobs They still dominate Indeed’s list of the best jobs of 2023. So much so that these types of jobs make the top three spots on this year’s list when only one made the top 10 last year. “Although the demand for tech jobs is trending downward, it is still high compared to pre-pandemic levels,” they admitted from the platform.

“Traditional nursing jobs, which ranked first and eighth last year, do not appear on this year’s list due to a decrease in Covid-19 cases.”

Likewise, the only business medical care That appear on this year’s list include roles related to Psychological health and other types of treatment or counseling. “Therapy jobs have increased about 7% year-over-year,” they admitted from Indeed.

Diversity and Inclusion careers are trending

Finally, businesses that support initiatives Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) “appears on this list for the first time and aligns with Indeed’s predictions and Glassdoor’s 2023 Workplace Trends Report, which states that the importance of DEI initiatives will continue to grow,” they concluded from the platform. looking for a job.

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