These are the lottery administrations with the longest waiting list for buying a lottery in Madrid

Tomorrow, Thursday December 22nd, is the most anticipated day for many Spaniards. the Christmas lottery It will be held at the Teatro Real Madrid, date He waits anxiously Among the clients of such tickets are those who dream of earning a small pinch.

In this year’s lottery, 180 million lottery tickets were put on sale, ie 180 series, an increase of 8 from last year. In this way, the issuance will amount to 3,600 million euros, of which 70% will be distributed, or what is the same, in this year’s lottery a total of 2.520 million euros will be distributed.

Madrid, the city where El Gordo fell most of the time

Madrid is the Spanish city that has had the most exceptional Christmas draw of the National Lottery, ever since The first prize, known as “Gordo”, has been awarded to her on a total of 76 occasions Over the date of the draw, according to data from the National Lottery and Betting Agency (ONLAE).

The most famous administrations of Madrid

Playing the lottery at Christmas is one of the favorite traditions of many Spaniards, and therefore long queues are created in many departments. They can last up to hours, as in the case of Doña Manolita, one of, if not the most famous in Spain. But apart from this, what other departments are the people of Madrid’s favorite for getting their lottery ticket?

bow tie

This department, No. 22, is located at 18 Calle Alcala Since its inception, it has distributed many awards. In fact, since I started selling Christmas lottery tickets, I’ve been able to deliver El Gordo hit three times: 1915, 1941, 1944. He also distributed the first three awards in 1961.

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to make famous in 2009 after distribution in an unexpected way Fat. Fully located Tetouan neighborhood, The prize money went to a group of immigrants who received it with great gratitude and enthusiasm.

gold doubloon

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Despite its small size, it is a very well located department, located at Sun Gate. in the year 2008 fully awarded second prize, €118m will be remembered as one of the biggest prizes of the last decade.

Administration 32

It is located between Acacias and Empajadores, at walk of hop 4, Distributed among the inhabitants of Arganzuela 2016 And with him No. 66,513 Gordo in full.

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