These are the fruits your dog can eat this summer

Surely you have wondered many times if you can give your dog a piece of the apple you are eating, especially after seeing his face and those eyes asking you to give him a few. And the answer is affirmative. Yes, you can give him fruit for your dog. Of course, not all fruits are allowed.

And that’s what you need to do .Note that dog They don’t tolerate sugar very well. Excessive consumption of this food can cause many problems, including blindness. However, sugar is something that dogs love, so you need to be very careful that they don’t have sugar or sugary things within their reach.

specific foods

to feed your dog It is best to eat specific foods for each type of animal It can be purchased both in specialized stores and supermarkets. There is a selection of dry foods, with a good number of brands and prices, and most importantly they are of good quality. This will avoid future problems with the animal that we will have to sort out at the vet.

There is also wet food, since there are many dog who do not want dry feed. This wet food, like dry food, is also offered in different shapes and brands. When it comes to choosing them, we must always prioritize quality. In case of doubt about the diet of our pet, it is best to consult a veterinarian, who will tell us what are the safest options.

Be careful with human food

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In other cases, the food that a person usually eats is chosen. At this point you have to be careful because there are foods that dogs can’t tolerate and we can also run the risk of not giving them all the nutrients they need. Therefore, it is better to have a guide on how to feed our dog with regular food, and in any case, Talk to a veterinarian, who will be the one to tell you how to act in each case.

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And within normal food are fruits and vegetables. This must be taken into account There are fruits dog They are completely forbidden As in grapes and raisins. You have to avoid eating it, however, there are other fruits that are allowed, in addition to that they have many nutrients to them.

These are the fruits your dog can eat:

  • blueberry: rich in antioxidants.

  • appleDigestive and astringent. Very useful if your dog has diarrhea. Although combating constipation, it is better with the skin.

  • pears: High water content, ideal for dogs that have difficulty going to the drinker.

  • bananaIt contains insoluble fiber that can be harmful to your dog, but in small amounts it can help with constipation.

  • Peach and apricotRich in fiber, antioxidants and iron.

  • Strawberry: For dog skin care and pampering thanks to the antioxidants in it. It is also a diuretic and improves intestinal transit.

  • Watermelon and watermelon: Rich in water, ideal for fighting heat. Watermelon is also a source of vitamin A and E.

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