These are the drivers who will be able to take advantage of a 20-cent discount on gasoline in 2023.

On Tuesday, the government approved a new package of public aid Against the energy crisis and inflation. Among the measures, a 200-euro check for the vulnerable and a decrease in value-added tax on some essential products. But the ordinance did not include the general extension of the 20-cent fuel rebate. From 2023, very specific sectors will continue to enjoy it.

Until December 31, in Spain, you can enjoy a discount 20 cents In the price of gasoline and diesel: 15 cents paid by the state and 5 cents paid by oil companies. A measure expressed in the first part of the year because of the wild increase in prices which was approved for the whole population.

After more than half a year, the executive branch decided to limit the beneficiaries. The general public will no longer be able to enjoy the discount, but from January 1, only certain professionals will be able to do so. These are those who dedicate themselves to the transportation of goods or passengers, fishing, farming and shipping companies.

The amount of assistance will be 0.20 euros per liter of diesel for general use used as fuel in the engine of the vehicles mentioned in Section 2 of Article 52 bis of the Excise Tax Code registered in Spain for supplies made between January 1 and December 31. March 2023, and 0.10 euros from supplies between April 1 and June 30, 2023 “, reads the approved decree. In this way, 20 cents for these groups are held until March and then reduced by half for the following three months.

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Likewise, access to assistance will be conditional on the payment of diesel made with Professional Diesel Cards Organize. Using these cards will already be a consideration in itself for asking for help. The procedure for the Department of Assistance will be processed simultaneously and jointly with the procedure processed for a partial refund of the tax on hydrocarbons for diesel for professional use.

In the case of the agricultural and livestock sector, the procedure for the application is different: “The requested assistance will be considered with the submission of a tax refund application for hydrocarbons for diesel used in agriculture and livestock.”

As soon as each month is over, the management will calculate the amount that corresponds to each professional and, if he is entitled to it, will pay for it. The competent authority in this case is tax agencywho will pay by bank transfer.

Shipping and land transport companies

Moreover, the case of the dropshippers is also different because the discount they can reach is not the same as for the rest. “Compatible with Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food And the decree stated that a subsidy be granted throughout the year 2023 to companies that assemble fishing vessels and traps in compensation for the increase in production costs resulting from the rise in fuel prices.

In road transport, for companies that do not benefit from a partial refund of the tax on hydrocarbons for diesel for professional use, a different mechanism is created, with estimated assistance: «The individual amount of assistance will be determined based on the number and type of vehicle operated by each beneficiary that is not likely to benefit from Partial tax refund on hydrocarbons for diesel for professional use. Thus, it ranges from the €300 that VTCs will get to nearly €3,700 for heavy trucks that use LPG, LNG or LNG.

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