These are the contestants of Operación Triunfo who passed away and you don’t remember

Operación Triunfo is one of the most popular TV shows in Spain. Since its inception in 2001, This talent competition was a platform for some of them to be discovered One of the country’s most successful artists.

The format of the show involves selecting a group of contestants who compete against each other in a series of musical challenges. During the course of the program, the contestants live together in a house and take singing, dancing, and acting lessons from some of the most famous professionals in the sector.

One of the features most interesting Operacion Triunfo is that viewers have the opportunity to vote for their favorite contestants. Each week, the contestant with the fewest votes is eliminated from the show, until there is only one left, who is declared the winner of the competition.

Over the years, Operación Triunfo has been responsible for launching the careers of some of Spain’s most popular artists, such as David Bisbal and Aitana. These artists managed to stay in Topping the charts for years thanks to its huge fan base They built it up throughout their time on the show.

Another interesting aspect of Operacion Triunfo is its ability to evolve over time. Since its inception, the show has experimented with different formats and introduced new elements to keep viewers engaged. For example, in recent seasons, viewers have been able to watch contestants participate in challenges that test their skills in different genres of music.

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Operacion Triunfo has also been the subject of controversy on a few occasions. In 2018, the show generated controversy when organizers refused to allow contestants to wear it star flags Catalans during the performance. This sparked a lot of criticism and discussion on social media.

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But after many years on the air, the show had to mourn the deaths of two contestants: Alex Casademont (traffic accident), from the first edition, and Leticia Perez, from the third edition (cancer).

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