These are the celebrities who won the lottery | Celebrities Who Ever Won the Christmas Lottery, and What You Didn’t Know Yet!

One of the most popular state lotteries and gambling draws is the Christmas Lottery, which always takes place on December 22nd. In fact, tradition makes it one of the most played draws of the year, so famous faces aren’t far behind, buying tenths, Some of them were lucky and won some prizes.

Celebrities who won the award

Queen Letizia

In 2004, Queen Letizia managed to win 12,000 euros in the Christmas lottery, thanks to the tenth that Miguel Garro gave her on the occasion of her marriage to Felipe. The current queen then decided to donate all the money she earned to an NGO.

Nacho Guerreros

The “La que se avecina” actor was one of the lucky ones a few years ago. On Christmas 2002 El Gordo dropped by 08103a number specifically bought by his parents at the Brotherhood of Santa Vera de la Cruz de Calahorra, in La Rioja

Pleiades Arnellas

Soraya has admitted on some occasions that she is a big fan of the Christmas raffle, which is why she usually buys tickets and participates in it. Thus, he managed to win the second prize in the drawing, although he said that the amount was to be shared with his parents, with whom he always buys tickets.

Isabella Gemio

As the journalist herself assures, she does not play the Christmas lottery much, but she has a ticket that she bought at the places where she works. And specifically, it was in these entries where she won a “little pinch”, as she explained, from which it can be deduced that Isabelle Gimio never won a Gordo, but she did get the prize occasionally.

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Carmen Lumana

The case of Carmen Lumana is well known because, although she won the Christmas lottery prize for a tenth of what they gave her, she never received anything because she missed the deadline to claim the money.

Is there a chance to win the Christmas lottery?

The Christmas lottery brings with him Rituals and superstitions for most players. Passing the tenth across the belly of a pregnant woman, lighting a yellow candle, rubbing a ticket on the back of a black cat, or entering the lottery administration with the wrong foot are among the most famous. Christmas lottery.

Thus, on Thursday, December 22nd, Teatro Real Madrid hosts the celebration of the long-awaited event. this year A total of 172 million tenths are available A total of 2408 million euros will be distributed. You can follow Live draw on our page and check in real time if you are one of the winners our lab.

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There are many who dream of winning Christmas “El Gordo” And those who want to call luck in every possible way. Although there are no magic formulas for winning the lottery, there are Some tricks that many use. Next, we review some that have already used lYou have been honored with “El Gordo”.

Dream numbers and special dates

There is a belief that dreaming of a certain number is a sign that we will win fat. If you dreamed of a number and you cannot find it, you can use our search engine. And we can’t forget the people who buy those tickets that have dates marked as the days of the general election or the day of Franco’s exhumation.

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