These are the airlines that offer free unlimited Wi-Fi on their flights

Surf the Internet with the Mobile Or a laptop that requires a good Internet connection. However, there are spaces where your mobile data network is not accessible, such as on airplanes, where they require you to activate so-called Airplane Mode, making it impossible for you to use it for security reasons.

Some Passengers You may need the Internet for workOr entertain the little ones, or watch an episode of your favorite series. And recently, many Airlines who have this service Do they offer wifi on board In exchange for a Modest price.

For this reason, paying for the service can be the solution to the problem, especially if there are long trips involved. But there is Airlines Which currently allows free access to all Network on all your aircraft. Think not only about messaging, but also the ability to have fun Unlimited connection in all applications.

In Spain

In Spain, a large part of Airlines They do not have free wifi in their service. For example, Air Europe puts at the service of its passengers Three ratesranging from €2 to €12, 5. The passes The most expensive price It allows all kinds of messages, as well as playing games or streaming music. while rate 5 euros It only includes messaging, surfing the Internet, and using social networks. Finally, the fees 2 euros It is only allowed to use instant messaging applications such as The WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Iberia has Wi-Fi in it 90% of their aircraft So your passengers can be connected at all times reimbursement rates. Well-known company offers Two options To enjoy the Wi-Fi service:

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Firstly, communication in messaging applications such as The WhatsAppAnd Messenger or Telegram. service Available to customers Let them travel in classActionThroughout the flight and for all those who check in during the flight.

Secondly, the airline has it payment packages For messaging and browsing InternetAnd Mail electronicAnd Download and charge docs. This fee It will depend on the way s aircraft type in which you are traveling.

If desired Surf the Internet and visit broadcast platforms For an hour it can be done for 5.99 euros. To navigate or view Streams while on 4 hours It can be done for 13.49 euros and the whole trip Its cost is 24.99 euros.

airlines that provide Free and unlimited wifi for everything

  • Norwegian

  • UAE

  • Chinese aviation

  • Sass

  • Knock Aviation

  • Iberia

  • Jet Blue

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Philippine Airlines

  • Kong Airlines

These companies were the first to implement this modern procedure, allowing for Free network access to all its passengers. Indeed, in 2017, the airline Norwegian They already had open Wi-Fi on their planes, regardless of whether they were flying in class Action or category Tourist. Something that until recently could only be done in Turkish Airlines As for UAE If it is moved in the “Business”.

However, airlines have ended up generalizing this Services, No matter what category it is transferred in to ensure a A more productive and enjoyable journey Although Not all companies provide connectivity to the network from the plane.

How do you have internet?

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in order to have it Internet In the air, the company can hire 2 ways Different. First hires terrestrial antennas To receive the signal, making it more economic s basic for airlines. The second More reliable but also more cost consisting of benefiting from satellites in orbit to get in touch.

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In short, the aircraft of the future seem to be beginning to adapt to allow greater access to the Internet. Likewise, it will be more and more common to be able to consume pads.”flowor be able to answer a urgent mail From heights is something the EU is trying to improve with 5G, a new possibility that could put an end to ‘Flight mode“.

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