These are the 10 products Mercadona pulled in February

Mercadona is the leading supermarket in Spain. With 1,633 stores in Spain and 29 in Portugal, sales of 27,819 million and a direct workforce of 96,000 workers, Valencia has consolidated its number one position in the business for several decades.

Valencia supermarket chain is constantly taking Marketing new products to the delight of consumers. The only drawback is that the arrival of new products to Mercadona shelves mean the withdrawal of others.

And it is that Mercadona continues to add novelties to its shelves. These are the products to add to your cart that please on many occasions buyers. The brand is also active on social networks, where it is constantly interacting with its customers. There is where many consumers order some products that they can no longer find in their stores and there where they verify that they have already disappeared from the shelves.

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It is true that Mercadona periodically renews its catalog and hides behind the acceptance of these products to announce that they are on sale or withdrawn, but it does not always rain to everyone’s liking, as we can see below. Regular customers are already used to seeing how a file works index market series It varies continuously.

Products recalled by Mercadona

These are all the products that the Valencia supermarket chain recalled during the month of February:

  • Chicken pizza. It had chicken, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, and it was highly requested by customers. “We no longer have this chicken pizza for sale in our stores, but now you can find prosciutto pizza ”,” confirmed the chain. “Yes, I bought it too, but the chicken was delicious,” the customer lamented.

  • Tangerine hand soap.

  • Salmon and shrimp pizza. #Quevuelvalapizzadesalmonygambas claimed on social networks when they found out that these delicious pizzas could no longer be purchased at Mercadona. There is no doubt that the pizza department is one of the most criticized departments due to the lack of assortments and this loss came as a shock to customers. “In the frozen pizza section, we can offer you tuna pizza as an alternative,” they noted from the company.

  • Breastfeeding tablets. “What surprised me was that when I went to one of your facilities, they told me that you removed the nursing tablets…the official channels of the supermarket.

  • Simply Violet Flowers Cologne. It was a light cologne with the scent of violets. It was 4.50 euros and is no longer in stores.

  • Artisanal empanada of vegetables and mushrooms. He made the decision to remove vegetable and mushroom empanadas from his lineup, an artisan recipe that won over his customers. Mercadona has improved the recipe for this and other dishes in the past year.

  • Hazelnut and cream cup. “We no longer have the Nut and Cream Cup, and instead we have the Chocolate and Cream Cup.” This was the confirmation released by the chain, which disappointed many of its beloved customers.

  • Yogurt muffin in the oven. They commented before the withdrawal, confirmed by Mercadona itself: “Breakfasts are no longer the same.” We take note of your interest and share it with those responsible.”

  • Leather wipes. They were highly appreciated for cleaning leather products in the home and even bikers who used them to make their accessories made of this material shine.

  • Cream of lentils with rice. A ready-to-eat food product that can be eaten after three minutes on the bus. This cream came in a single 350 gram jar and is a meal for one. The haciendado entered as new in 2021.

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