These are the 10 best washer cleaners according to the OCU

The Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) participates, from time to time, on The best products on the market For those who have done a thorough analysis.

In the case of detergents for the washing machine, they appreciate it Effectiveness in removing fats and dyes, the ability to maintain the initial degree of whiteness of fabrics, cleaning enzymatic and oxidizable stains, its ability to prevent darkening, color protection and environmental impact.

Thus, based on the score each person gets (out of 5), an overall score is reached, which is out of 100.

In this article, we explain They are the 10 best washing machine detergents according to the main control unit, their prices and all their features:

10. Wipp Express 4-in-1 Deep Cleansing Tablets

This cleaner, for sale at Alcampo, has a score of 65. It stands out with five stars in Removing fats and dyes and the ability to maintain the initial degree of whiteness of fabrics and has 4/5 stars in Enzymatic stain cleaning oxidizable and preventing darkening. However, color protection and environmental impact are poor, with 2 and 3 out of five, respectively.

You have It comes at a price of 15.29 and 50 dosesso each tablet costs €0.34.

9. Eco Esselt eco-liquid detergent in capsules

Eco Esselt, which has a score of 66 out of 100, with a score of 4 out of 5, is distinguished by its ability to clean enzymatic stains, grease, dye and oxidation stains, the ability to maintain whiteness, prevent darkening and environmental impact, but It is not effective in protecting the color of the clothes.Its price is 5.59 euros and it comes in 28 dosesso the price of a capsule is 0.20 €.

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8. Esselt from Aldi Universal Detergent

Aldi supermarket cleaners, with a score of 67 points Very good evaluation in getting rid of grease, dye and oxidation stains and the ability to maintain the whiteness of clothes, with 5/5. In enzymatic stain removal and the ability to prevent clothes from darkening, it scores a 4/5. It also does not stand out in color protection and its environmental impact is not the best.

You have At a price of 4.09 euros and contains 30 dosesso each one will be issued at a price of 0.14 euros.

7. Orange blossom and citrus leaves

This cleanser contains a Score 67 points And he’s been getting good grades in almost all areas, ever since It only drops to 3/5 in color protection and ability to keep clothes white. It especially stands out for eliminating rust stains with a 5/5.

they The price is 8.12 euros and it has 35 dosesso the price of each one is 0.30 euros.

6. Formidil (Lidl) Super Concentrated Active

With a score of 67 out of 100, this Lidl detergent is particularly good at cleaning grease, dyes, oxidants and the ability to maintain whiteness. Enzymatic stain removal and ability to prevent darkening 4/5.

they The price is 2.79 eurosat a dose price of 0.10 euros, Since he was 29 years old.

5. Aloe vera brushes

Mars Fresh Aloe Vera cleanser also has a score of 67/100. Highlighting its ability to protect color by 5/5 Remove grease, dyes, oxidized stains, environmental impact and the ability to prevent vignetting by 4/5. It is not recommended when Eliminate enzymatic stains or keep clothes white.Its price is 5.75 euros and it contains 30 doses. So each one costs 0.24 euros.

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4. Frosch Natural Soap

Also from the Frosch brand, this natural soap is sold at Carrefour and has a rating of 69 4/5 stars in all characteristics, Although it fails to protect colors with 2/5.

Its price is 6.05 euros and it contains 30 dosesso that each one costs 0.20 euros.

3. Carrefour Expert Optimal Clean

Transfer to Products considered “very good quality” by OCU There is this detergent from the Carrefour brand, which has a score of 70 out of 100. It features a 5/5 star for removing greasy, oxidative, and dye stains. Although all other features remain at 4/5, its color protection is not as good at 2/5.

its price 5.29 euros and a total of 36 dosesso that each one costs 0.15 euros.

2. The seventh generation is free and sensitive clear

The second best detergent is Seventh Generation Free & Clear Sensitive which is sold in Carrefour and gets 72 points. A 5/5 in clothing color protection and environmental impact. In the elimination of enzymatic, grease, oxidizable and pigment stains and the ability to prevent darkening, it has 4/5. Most fails Effectiveness in maintaining the goal.Its price is 9.95 euros and it brings 40 dosesIt costs 0.25 euros.

1. Ecover Universal Honeysuckle & Jasmine

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The best, according to the OCU, is Ecover Universal Honeysuckle & Jasmine. It has a score of 75 out of 100 and It excels in enzymatic and oxidant stain removal and color protection. Although the ability to preserve the whiteness of clothes is only 3/5, all other properties are not less than 4/5.

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they The price is 8.22 euros and it contains 20 doseswhich cost €0.50 each. It is the most expensive thing mentioned.

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