These are the 10 best and worst cities in the world to live in

Community, Internationals, the world’s largest foreign exchange, annually publishes a report revealing the best and worst destinations to live and work abroad. This year, the ninth in which it is published, it is ranked by the Expat Ranking 2022 50 cities.

The criteria used to give one position or another in the ranking for each destination are based on the personal experiences of foreigners who have been living and working in the mentioned cities, reflecting how happy or unhappy they felt during their stay.

The results of the study show specific aspects of each city, among which we find very interesting characteristics of some cities. Plus, they show the 10 best and 10 worst alive, and these are the results:

What are the best cities in the world to live in?

Take your precious Spain first place with Valencia As the best city in the world to live in, in addition to also having the highest rating in the quality of life index. Among the many virtues foreigners identified in the Mediterranean city were public transportation, security, the great social life it had, and most importantly, it felt like it. “like at home” during the period they lived there. The report rated the city with three nice words: livable, friendly, and affordable.

follow valencia, Dubai The city ranks second on the list because it presents itself as an “ideal city for business and leisure,” according to the report. and bronze l Mexicowhich was confirmed to be “friendly, affordable, but not safe”.

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Regarding the other seven cities that made it to the top 10 cities we find – in descending order – Lisbon, Madrid, Bangkok, Basel, Merlebourne, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

What are the worst cities in the world to live in?

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In this case, the reasons why many of those surveyed chose these cities as the worst were:

  • protection

  • High living expenses

  • finance

  • Difficulties finding housing

Position 50, in this case the worst, takes it Johannesburg, South Africa)A large portion of the foreigners residing there stated that they are dissatisfied with affordability, lack of public transportation, and the labor market. Similarly it happens with frankfurt, At position 49, f Parisat the 48th place.

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