These are Soviet drones from the 1970s that Ukraine used to counterattack Russia

Ukraine’s attack on various bases within the Russian territory is a symbol of the state of war. Staying only 200 kilometers from Moscow is a declaration of intent by Ukrainian forces, who have found their best help in some old drones from the 1970s that are practically out of print.

to attack bases Engels and Diaghilevnear Ryazan, those known as “Strizh” or “swifts” were used in Spanish, and that’s what they are known for Soviet Tupolev Tu-141. Originally created in the 1970s for reconnaissance purposes, one of its great advantages is the “hide” radars which you enjoy, especially now that they have been upgraded to have an offensive function.

Although it is not 100% confirmed that these are drone models, everything indicates that this is the case. “The weapons could have been retrofitted by Ukrainian engineers to carry and allowing them to fly up to 1,000 kilometers undetectedhe explains Ole ChernyshBBC military drone expert.

Behind this update is American intelligence, and not exactly its direct support. Anthony BlinkenJoe Biden, Secretary of State, has already warned Russia that Ukraine has “the equipment to defend itself, to defend its territory, to defend its freedom,” but he points to sending HIMARS missile launcher system Which, according to the Wall Street Journal, was modified to limit its scope and not reach Russian territory.

The aim of this blockade was to prevent the use of US weapons in a hypothetical attack within Russia’s borders, which could lead to An exponential rise in tensions between Moscow and Washington.

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This limitation does not affect Ukrainian weapons and materials. This is where potential “transformations” and engineering works come along with US systems to make them more lethal and modernize 50 years after their birth.

Drones turned into missiles as a warning to Putin

Technical modifications made by military engineers allow the Soviet Tu-141 to be, de facto, a long-range missile.

This is a warning to Putin: Zelensky has the ability to launch those drones into the heart of Russia, which he demonstrated with his attack on the Engels base where, according to British intelligence, Destroyed two Tu-95 BEAR nuclear bombers. It wasn’t massive damage, but the message was not to directly destroy Russian material but to warn that they could do it.

It remains to be seen what Russia’s response will be after the December 5 attack. “If someone attacks you, you fight back” Former Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk warned in The New York Times.

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