These are homes that pay no more than 300 euros a year in electricity

Heating in winter is an expense that not all families can afford. There are always ways to save on the bill, but there are also other kinds of solutions. One could be thermal homes. This type of construction maintains an indoor temperature not exceeding 22 degrees and not less than 21 degrees in winter. Also, at a cost 300 euros per month and you will already have heating all year round.

these homes able to warm up And cooled with very little power consumption, which also They have obtained the international Passivhaus certificate. These new homes are capable of Savings between 75% and 90% Heating and cooling needs thanks way of building it.

“thermal houses” capacities

home is A kind of thermos in which the temperature is evenly distributed In all rooms and It remains constant at 21.5 or 22 degrees Throughout the year. This means that for a year Electricity bill Less than 300 euros, a great saving, especially since the price is going up reflected These past months. Some of the owners of these houses confirm that “from the end of March until the end of November, they are self-sufficient and do not pay for electricity. Only the specified period“This is because they have also installed photovoltaic panels in their homes.

Homes like any other home

At first glance, they are homes like any other, Only these are passive houses High energy efficiency. They don’t need material or architectural style Different or specific, but it is a building method, points out Arturo Andrés Jiménez, Head of Passivhaus Building Platform.

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key in construction

The key is in its own construction: windows, walls and thermal insulation. By making highly insulated houses, without air leakage, it is possible to achieve excellent thermal comfort, with the whole house being at the same temperature in all its spaces.

The design ensures continuity of insulation At all points of the home envelopeSo there are no thermal bridges.

dynamic control systems

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the Canopies or awnings allow this Also the entry and exit of light and energy at the owner’s will according to the season of the year they are in. This allows significant energy savings for passive building heating or cooling, resulting in 30% to 50% less air conditioning compared to a conventional system.

Thermal house projects

So far this residence is located in “Peral, ValladolidWith 74 certified single-family homes occupied and more 39 running. In addition, work has just started on a 69-storey building with the same rating, also in Valladolid. Both projects were designed and built It is being implemented by the architecture studio Alberto Lopez Merino.

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