These are all direct aids that you can request to reduce your electricity and gas bills

Spanish families have had serious problems for months to make ends meet, which in turn forced them to look at and review this report over and over again. Invoicesespecially from Electricity and gas.

To help, the Ministry of Environmental Transformation and Demographic Challenge It promoted an aid package that sought to reduce its economic burden. The gradual rise in costs made it almost impossible for the most vulnerable, so the government prepared a series of measures.

The package of measures is grouped under the so-called social linkwhich mainly consists of four main pillars as well as other aids, which must be requested through the website set up by the government for this purpose.

Electric Social Reward

This is a direct deduction on the electric bill. Increased as of March 2022, discounts range from 60% for vulnerable families and 70% for severely vulnerable families. It is estimated that nearly two million families are already benefiting.

Thermal Social Reward

It is complementary to the previous one, but in this case in the form of a direct auxiliary is different from 40 at 375 EUR Depending on the climatic zone. Those who already receive the Electric Social Bonus can request it. In 2022 the budget was 225 million euros, but with the new approved budgets Will reach 540 million in 2023.

Energy Equity Bonds

It is a direct discount on the invoice under the regulated system at the rate of 40%. People with an income of less than 16,800 euros or families of four with an annual income of less than 27,720 euros can be accommodated.

Minimum dynamic display

Blessing scale prevents power outages due to non-payment for 10 months in vulnerable households. It’s an extension that went into effect in September 2021 of the measure already being contemplated for six months.

Other measures

In the same field to combat the energy crisis, the government has approved measures such as the new rate of last resort for neighborhood savings, for community boilers, a 20 cents-per-liter rebate on fuel, and energy tax rebates or caps on gas and butane, among others.

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