The words that an emotional King Carlos III whispered to Prince William after the oath of allegiance

Many media outlets echoed the moment, and it’s one of the most emotional of the ceremony

Prince William kisses King Carlos III during the coronation France Press agency


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It was one of the most touching moments of the coronation ceremony, which took place on Saturday in Westminster Abbey oath of allegiance What Prince William did to Carlos III. Kneeling before his father, the Prince of Wales said, “I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge allegiance, faith, and truth to you. I will keep you Lord of life and death. God help me.”

After uttering these words, Prince William approached Carlos III and kissed his cheek. It was one of the most intimate gestures between father and son, which in recent months has been exposed to scandals and a new media storm with unexpected consequences after the publication of Prince Henry’s memoirs.

«Thanks, WilliamApparently replied Carlos III, immediately after his son kissed him. This was reported by some British media, such as “People” magazine. On the other hand, experts in gestures pointed out that the king was noticeably emotional at that moment, in which he received this tribute from his son.

As the heir to the throne, Prince William had a prominent role during the coronation. Less famous was his brother, Prince Harry, who was relegated to the third row of seats in Westminster Abbey during the ceremony.

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