“The White Lotus”: The Rich and the Politics of Sex

Set to explain the phenomenal success of white lotus (HBO Max) In the summer of 2021, there seem to be two main theories. Amidst the harsh growth of economic inequalities, many viewers could learn about the class struggles depicted on screen and enjoy certain punishments for the wealthy. On the other hand, it was simpler: Given the many travel restrictions, a commute from the couch to the chain’s Hawaiian resort could be a good arrangement; Like living the holidays through others.

The question is how many of us would like to get to know the guests of that first season. he is called, People are unaware of their privilege, or worse, are aware of it and are able to use it to abuse those who are supposed to be below them.Like that troubled director he embodies Murray Bartlett. Above and below, humanity is the order of the day: no one is so hateful or lovable.

It is the stunt, or better, the talent of the director and screenwriter Mike Whitealready created by HBO to claim it luminous. When you thought you were watching the most enthusiastic satire, that script pops up or that melancholy look that reminds us that no one is exactly what they sound like. When you think you’re looking at a human-hatred masterpiece, you realize that White is first and foremost a humanist.

Now in Sicily

If something is not broken, it is better not to fix it. Or put another way: If the series wins both popular acclaim and criticism and garners twenty Emmy nominations, it will have to do it all over again. Regardless It won, among nine others, an Emmy for Best Limited Series. Nothing really ends anymore. You just have to take another group of rich Americans, take them to an expensive hotel in a strange corner (for them) and let them misbehave.

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in this season Arrives Monday, 31, on HBO MaxWe traveled with them to the White Lotus in Sicily, which was built in a former monastery overlooking the Ionian Sea and the volcano of Mount Etna. Illustration to potential travelers: Palazzo San Domenico in Taormina. There they called the rich Cameron (Theo James(and Daphne)Megan FaheyTo his new rich friend, Ethan.Will Sharp) and harper (Aubrey Plaza) for a few days, in principle, without work. Three generations of an Italian-American family moved there as well, Grandpa Bert (Wow Murray Abraham), his son Dominic (Michael Imperioliand his grandson AlbeeAdam DeMarco), in search of family roots, although Dominic will find time to satisfy other interests, a certain compulsion.

For his part, Albee hits her, though not as much as he would like, with Portia (Halle Lou Richardson), an assistant character from the first season who was set to bring her back: the mercurial and vulnerable heiress Tanya McQuaid (Jennifer College), with its literal and figurative excess baggage. her distance from her now husband, Greg (John Grace), can weigh down your emotional backpack. “You know sometimes someone doesn’t love you the way you do, but you just stay there.‘, Coolidge explains over a video call. And the one who loves the least of the two wins the love game. The one who truly loves loses. The other stays quietly on a superficial level.”

sex politics

Some of the themes of the first installment still exist (abuse of privilege, midlife crisis), but from class struggle we move on to a new leitmotif. “This season’s focus is on the politics of sex,” explains actress Aubrey Plaza, who is excellent as a lawyer who has problems communicating with her entrepreneur husband. “We talk about jealousy, infidelity, about couples comparing themselves to other spouses, about how couples approach sex and love, and they always fall into that gray area where White usually puts us, where there are no good and bad and we learn from both opposing sides.”

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It would be easy to support the well-informed Harper and hate Daphne or Ethan for not watching the news, but then we can guess the sadness in Daphne’s eyes, the same sadness you know how to guess in the eyes of others. “The message of the series, if there is one, is that life is crazy and no one is right or wrong.”Plaza thought.

At the hotel from “The Adventure”

Mike White mentions Almodovar, Antonioni, and Fellini among his inspirations for the new episodes. The second is found, for example, through sites; The hotel in which the season was filmed is the same one where Monica Vitti ends in the last part of it Adventure. “We talked a little bit about Antonioni,” he recalls. Michael ImperioliThe indelible Christopher Moltisanti soprano-. It’s not so much about Almodóvar, but from here I want to take the opportunity to say he’s my favorite director and that if I could pick one from all over the world to work with, it would be him. I hope that happens someday.”

“He talked to me a lot about Anna Magnani,” says Sabrina Impacciatore, amazing because this manager is tired of everything and without great social skills. “He told me I had the same Italian energy. And he encouraged me to let go of all that anger, all the blood I could.” If you think Armond is irreplaceable, wait until you meet Valentina.

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