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On Thursday, the White House announced new measures to encourage responsible innovation in artificial intelligence and protect the rights and safety of citizens. President Joe Biden’s administration aspires to promote a “coherent and comprehensive approach to the risks and opportunities related to artificial intelligence,” according to the White House. The spread of the use of tools such as chatbots, as well as the ability of artificial intelligence to manipulate and even falsify images, prompted Washington to try to put an end to the generalization of their use on the eve of the start of a new experiment. Election campaign 2024. If disinformation in the virtual realm has wreaked havoc in recent years, using artificial intelligence to create alternative facts is a major strategic risk, as revealed this week dad Amnesty International, Geoffrey Hinton.

The National Science Foundation (NSF, for its English acronym; government agency) plans to invest an additional $140 million to create seven new national research institutes on artificial intelligence, of an objective nature, as reported on its website. In total, there will be 25 national AI research institutes in the country, with $500 million in funding to “support responsible innovation” that advances the common good. For comparison, tech giant Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAi alone, the company that developed the popular ChatGPT. The Democratic administration also pledged to publish draft guidelines for government agencies to ensure their use of artificial intelligence protects “the rights and safety of the American people,” as well as to obtain a commitment from several companies in the sector to submit their products for scrutiny. At a cyber security conference in August.

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This Thursday, Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris met with the heads of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic, .start Specialist in artificial intelligence to discuss the possibilities and challenges presented by this new technological reality. The private sector bears a moral, moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its products. And all companies must follow applicable laws to protect the American people. I look forward to monitoring and developments in the coming weeks,” Harris said in a statement, in which he also referred to the disturbing precedent of disinformation in the 2016 presidential election, as a warning to sailors of the negative potential of artificial intelligence. [de la Cámara]We investigated Russian interference in the 2016 elections and provided empirical evidence that state actors will use technology to undermine democracy.”

The White House has come under increasing pressure on police AI since OpenAI made the app publicly available last year, and individuals have immediately begun using it to look up information, complete schoolwork or get ahead at work. Since then, at an astonishing pace, some major tech companies have rushed to integrate chatbots into their products and accelerated the spread of AI as a new consumer product. But also the growing presence of false AI-generated images on the Internet is a serious warning, which some experts, including Hinton, have warned about the technology’s potential for misinformation, which is especially dangerous in election campaigns and in such a polarized country. Politically and socially like the United States.

In a call with reporters held Wednesday, a senior Washington official noted that the Biden administration “has been driving these issues for a long time before these new AI products.” “To benefit from AI, we must start by mitigating its risks. This basic principle has guided our work on AI from the very beginning,” the source added. In the fall, the White House published the so-called outline of the AI ​​Rights Act, an “important pillar and roadmap” on which the set of safeguards is built. Together with the so-called AI risk management framework, the senior official said, it “has given companies, policymakers, and the people who generate these technologies some clear ways to mitigate risks.”

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On paper the goal seems simple: to take advantage of the opportunities of artificial intelligence while mitigating its risks, including the possibility of robots or job automation, with the consequent job destruction, as denounced by Hinton among others. Like putting a bell on a cat, the Biden administration is putting people and communities at the center of its strategy; The public interest and the protection of national security and the economy. It follows from the White House’s appeal that companies have the ultimate responsibility to “make sure their products are safe” before marketing or advertising them. And if this is necessary to participate, together with technology companies, “in an independent and public assessment of their AI systems at DEF CON 31’s AI Village, one of the largest hacker conventions in the world,” the senior official, White House. These models [de IA] It will be evaluated there by thousands of community partners and experts for its alignment with the values ​​articulated in the draft Bill of Rights and Risk Management Framework,” the source added. The first would ensure that automated systems protect data privacy and protect users from discriminatory bias, another fear raised by the spread of AI.

In an article published this Wednesday in the daily newspaper New York timesLina Khan, chair of the Federal Trade Commission — a known disaster for monopolies and tech companies — noted that the US is at a “major decision point” on the matter. Equating the advancement of new technology with the birth of giants like Google and Facebook, Khan warned that without proper regulation, technology could underpin the power of the largest tech companies.

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