The Wednesday Addams Phenomenon: Gothic Fashion, Viral Dance, and Representation of Autism?

Wednesday It hit Netflix on November 23, and in a short time it broke records on the platform and became a fashion series. Its success was due in part to the participation of a promising crew led by Jenna Ortegathe actress has been on the rise since her lead role in the series You are. Also at the address Tim Burtonwho also had a pending account with Addams because he was going to be in charge of the first movie but when the project started he was already busy. Batman returns. Why deny it?And the To the unquestionable nostalgic effect that the dark family saga generated, especially for those he grew up with in the ’60s and ’90s.

However, it is mainly the young who are responsible for the devouring Eight episodes of this production and take it to the platform Most viewed on the platform. and that is There is something about Wednesday that really excited viewers who, for one reason or another, felt very compatible with the character.

An eccentric dance that went viral

And since today TikTok is reaching everywhere, Wednesday fashion has also taken over the social network. And it is that in the series a scene stands out in which the protagonist dances in an eccentric way, and fans have not hesitated to imitate it. Created by Gina Ortega herself and inspired by the movie musical Sweet charityAnd the Since 1969, choreography has been one of the most popular choreography on the app.

Of course users chose to replace the song of the original sequence, Joo Joo Mokof convulsions, ed Bloody Maryby Lady Gaga. Another example of how the app can revive songs that were released years ago. already happened with Master of puppetsfrom Metallica, after Eddie Monson’s famous scene in Weird things, even though this appears on the screen. The American singer responded to the sudden surge in popularity of her song: “Wednesday, welcome home to Gaga anytime,” she captioned her Twitter.

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“If I were a real person, I would be bullied”

We are talking, of course, about a teenager who lives far from the mainstream. Don’t worry about the fit. it’s over, He enjoys being weird Not only is she ashamed of her weirdness, but she also stands up for other outcasts and confronts bullies with unwavering calm.

And for this very reason, thousands of users on the networks claim the nature of their personality, which guarantees it If Wednesday were a girl of flesh and blood, she would have been bulliedand that she is admired only because she is played by a conventionally attractive actress who emulates a Behavior that, on screen, is interesting, but in the real world would be dismissed. “Half of those who now like this on Wednesday would have bullied him.”wrote one TikTok user. “Those who like Wednesday the most are the same people who ruined my life at school for being different.”another confirms.

But some get past his unconventional personality and point out that The protagonist at certain moments demonstrates situations similar to those of autistic people. feel most of the time Disgust at having to socialize with the others, Doesn’t understand or use any emotional cuesspeaks to a Sheer sincerity He concentrates for long hours on his favorite hobbies in an almost obsessive manner.

This theory has not been confirmed. In fact, Tim Burton revealed that he was inspired by his personal experiences To build character, so it can all be part of the usual behavior for any teenager. Also, it should not be forgotten that all Addamses show an inclination towards spam And that any behavior out of the ordinary can be engineered to feed into this dark aura. Whatever the case, there are many autistic viewers who claim to have seen themselves represented in it.

Another point that made this series iconic is the creativity of its wardrobe. On Wednesday in the ’60s, played by Lisa Loring, and Wednesday in the ’90s, Christina Ricci (who also appears in this reboot giving life to teacher Marilyn Thornhill), an outfit that undoubtedly showed up in black dresses with standout collars. . But in this new version of Tim Burton, The aesthetics of the protagonist have been updated to adapt it to the trend known as goth girl or a goth girl. The fashion that can be seen on the catwalks and that the series adapts to More schoolgirl aestheticAccording to the institute’s uniform, but that maintains that Sober and somber style.

Collections adapted to current standards, in which we can find clothes Brands such as Zara, MiuMiu, Urban Outfitters or Dr Martens shoes and Naked Wolfe platforms are accessible. In addition, fashion designer Colin Atwood told USA Today that Billie Eilish became a direct inspiration for the character’s stylistic construction, based on a mysterious and mysterious aura. Perhaps that is why it has linked so well with the tastes of the little ones that, without a doubt, they will incorporate some Wednesday touches into their wardrobe.

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