The war against heat, at the heart of the new edition of the Madrid Book Fair

the Madrid Book Fairwhich will be held from May 26 to June 11, joins the fight against damage caused by high temperatures with The installation of the tarpaulin – thanks to the support of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology – is on the sunniest part of the way (which faces Menéndez Pelayo Street).

He did it this year because, as he mentioned Eva OroiThe director of the gallery, during the presentation of its 82nd edition, is a project they “need” because “the heat is a challenge” and it is necessary to “calm down” those who work and visit the gallery.

with “Science” as the main theme Of these three weeks, Orúe also breaks down the figures that determine this edition, which cost €1.5 million (890,000 corresponds to what the exhibitors paid).

In numbers, this year’s edition will have 6 publishers’ associations, 7 facsimile publishers, 8 university publishers, 13 official organizations, 13 distributors, 62 bookstores and 161 publishers in Madrid.

A total of 385 booths accommodating 424 exhibitors. It accommodates more than 1000 publishers (This figure has been reached because, for example, 578 publishers will be represented in 13 distribution booths).

In this sense, and according to Urey, we wanted in this edition It resolves the complaints expressed by publishers who were in the central part of the track last yearbecause their sales were lower.

“One of the goals of the exhibition is to respect the space as much as possible and to win the space. That is why we decided to bring some exhibitors to the center, but it is not just a step, it is the widening of the way,” he qualified.

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He referred to the fact that this year the central booths will not be arranged like last year, and many of them will open on the sides, so that the visitor and the workers will have a kind of “square”.

Orúe explained, “The kiosks that go here are those of universities, guilds, fax publishers, and participating countries,” and stressed that “no traditional publisher goes to this area.”

Also among the novelties of this gallery are the expansion of signature spaces from four to five, and Create a resting areaas well as an icon in the form of a light bulb indicating a Madrid “Landscape of Light” that will highlight the events that take place each day.

But there will also be a soccer match between German and Spanish editors, refereed by the representative Edu Galan; Visitors will be able to enter a large brain where workers CSIC They will explain the work of this body.

In this sense, Orúe said so Ramon and Cajalwho he referred to with the phrase “the culture car was missing the flag wheel,” would be “so proud.”

Despite the fact that the guest country format has been dispensed with, the fair – sponsored by Caixabank and Iberia – will be attended by the European Commission and countries such as Portugal, Andorra, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland; And also with the Association of Ibero-American States.

Cartoonist Francisco Ibañez will receive his second Loyalty Awardan author “long before there were many chefs or influencers,” as Orúe puts it, already filled the show with a following.

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The Gabo Foundation or the EFE Agency will also be present, which on June 5 will present a conference program to the fair that will include, among others, Sarah Garcia, member of the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Reserve.

They also attended the presentation of the book fair Andrea Levydelegate of the District of Culture, Tourism and Governmental Sports of the Madrid City Council and Martha Rivera de la CruzMinister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, who agreed that it was an event noteworthy for its longevity (90-year contract).

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