The viral trick to keep your winter coat wrinkle-free after you wash it

That moment arrives Of the year it is time to do Change of wardrobe to take out and put away summer clothes winter. It’s time to completely clean out our wardrobe and Store warm clothes properly So, when the time comes, we take it out shiny again and ready to use.

Therefore, it is important to know How do we organize our clothes? Winter this is the case Memorizes In good condition during the months we won’t be using it.

Find storage space

Although we keep the clothes inside a box Or this bag can not be left anywhere. You have to find a place darkjoe dry and temperature Moderate to prevent damage to the fabric. Some of the spaces you may have at home that are ideal for storage are:

  • under the bed

  • Top shelf cabinets

  • attic or basement

  • at an angle

I leave the environment clean

It is important to know that before placing the clothes in the boxes and storing them in the chosen place, The entire surface must be thoroughly cleaned. It is not enough just to save The garment is clean if the box is full of dust, because in the end it won’t help at all. Also keep in mind that dirt attracts insects such as moths or moths cockroaches It can damage our clothes and if it is installed at home, the problem will increase even more.

How to store wrinkle-free winter clothes

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Yes to something Clothes are distinguished At this time of year it is huge and spacious. Jackets, coats and sweaters These are some of the clothes that you have to put on properly In order to make the most of the space storage without damaging the fabric. also after From washing we have to put clothes away With caution and this trick we can save Wrinkle-free clothes so that the next day Season we can get the dress as new.

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This is the viral trick:

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