The US Supreme Court insists on swift expulsion of asylum seekers at the border

tens Thousands of immigrants concentrated in Mexican cities on the border with the United States took a jug of cold water this Tuesday: the Supreme Court decided to maintain for the time being the regulations that allow Immediate expulsion Of the vast majority of people seeking asylum in the first world power.

Thus, the Supreme Court abandons the policy established by the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in March 2020 Donald TrumpIn the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have used Public Health Act Title 42 to allow urgent cross-border expulsion of those attempting to enter the United States to claim asylum. His successor, Joe Biden, maintained that ruling for nearly two years, bolstered by mutations in cases caused by variants like omicron. But, with most coronavirus measures already repealed, the one created by Title 42 was supposed to expire on December 21.

The end of this policy of immediate expulsion has been a concern for months at the border, in a year in which the number of arrests of illegal immigrants has been broken, more than 2.3 million. Republican governors and many local authorities have warned of chaos once Title 42 is lifted: the group entry of migrants seeking asylum who can no longer be expelled immediately.

Before the pandemic, the large number of asylum seekers meant that their cases were not dealt with promptly and Many of them remained on American soil. Up to date appointment with immigration courts.

A group of 19 Republican governors—from the border and interior states—asked it was fair to keep provision for Title 42 to avoid a chaotic situation on the border.

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And the Republicans explained in their lawsuit, “No sane person can contradict that if the policy is not adhered to, it will lead to a crisis of unprecedented proportions at the border.” The situation is already overwhelmed in cities like a stepwhere thousands of people have crossed the border in recent days, and where many thousands more are waiting in Mexico for the end of Title 42. Only in Mexican cities Matamoros, Tijuana, Reynosa There are 22,000 people waiting for that moment to cross into the US and take advantage of the end of expedited expulsions.

It came to the Supreme Court: last week, the examining magistrate John Roberts, Temporarily allows the policy to be preserved. Now, the full court has upheld it, provisionally as well, but until February, when it determines whether or not states have the power to meddle with this federal regulation.

The Biden administration has so far argued that there is no longer a public health justification for keeping Title 42 in place and that the asylum processing system is more effective than the constant cycle of deportations and detentions at the border.

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