The United States will not prevent the shipment of F-16 fighters to Ukraine

According to information from the “Washington Post”, the United States will allow allied countries to provide these fighters to Kiev



Updated at 10:09 am.

The United States will not prevent the shipment of F-16 fighters from countries allied to Ukraine, according to the American newspaper, The Washington Post.

Washington’s decision not to prevent allies from sending the F-16s comes after Zelensky’s repeated requests for fighter jets, including from the Netherlands, which has such aircraft.

In February, ukranian los funcionarios dijeron que habían logrado un progreso significativo al convencer a los funcionarios hollandeses de que enviaran F-16, pero la aprob de Washington es necesación debido a los acuerdos de transferencia de terceros realizados durante la compra de los aviones fabricados en United State. The transfer will also require the approval of the heads of minority parties and senior members of relevant committees in the US Congress.

Earlier this week, on the sidelines of a Council of Europe summit in Iceland, Britain and the Netherlands began working on an international coalition to help Ukraine acquire F-16 fighter jets and train Ukrainian soldiers.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte agreed on Tuesday to work to form an international “coalition” to facilitate the handover of these fighters to Ukraine, to help it fight the Russian invasion.

However, it remained up to Washington to give the go-ahead to send these planes. Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium are some of the European countries that have this type of fighter.

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