The UFO was… U2

Pictures of the end of the world. The “shutdown” sound mentions “a large earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale”. A huge ball soars over the major cities of the world: Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo… U2 fans of all ages seem to be kidnapped and appear in a remote desert, where the giant ball with the face of a newborn baby lands on its inside. . Is it a UFO? Chinese balloon? No Him U2’s “Achtung Baby”.Which, after months of rumors, has confirmed that it will return to the stage this fall, with the opening of the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, the largest spherical construction in the world.

The ad that was broadcasted during power, sparked controversy for obvious reasons. Did they benefit from unidentified ordnance clearance operations, or were they prepared in advance? That’s not the only controversy: The Irish band will be playing their first series of concerts without one of their members, something they said they would never do. Also Founding Member: Drummer Larry Mullen.

Mullen was the one who, in October 1976, at the age of 15, decided to place an advertisement on the bulletin board at his Dublin school to form a group. And U2 is the longest-running rock band with their initial line-up intact. They only played one official gig without one of their members one night, on November 26, 1993 in Sydney, Australia, when bassist Adam Clayton, who was an alcoholic, was replaced by bassist Stuart Morgan. Now the drumsticks will be replaced by the semi-unknown Dutch drummer Bram van den Berg of someone who has always been the moral conscience of the group, and who a few months ago revealed serious physical problems that led him to surgery. “Many parts of my body are falling off: knees, elbows, neck…

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During Covid-19, when we weren’t playing, I had a chance to take a look at myself and there was some damage, so I like to take some time to heal” he told The Washington Post in an interview in which he also hinted at inconsistencies with the group’s direction. “I don’t pray to the same version of God. So everyone has their limits,” the drummer gushes.

As U2 says in a statement, Replacement Bram van den Berg has the blessing of Larry Mullen himself, the youngest of the four, is 61 years old, and is taking time to recover from the operation. “We’d need everything we’ve got to get close to The Sphere without our bandmate in the drum seat, but Larry has joined us in welcoming Van den Berg, who is a force in his own right,” said Bono. Edge and Adam Clayton.

U2 claims they’ve been made an offer they can’t refuse: Let’s open with a series of concerts in Las Vegas, the largest spherical structure in the worlda pavilion with a capacity of 20,000 spectators, 112 meters high (twice the Tower of Hercules), 157 meters wide and encapsulated LED screen, which is also the largest in the world, with an area larger than three football fields, and a hundred times clearer than the best HD televisions on the market. The sound system will also be the most advanced in the worldwith 164,000 speakers, vibrating technology that will make you “feel” sound, wind and even olfactory effects for an immersive “4D” experience. MSG Sphere, which is owned by the company in New York’s Madison Square Garden, started in 2018 next to the Venetian Hotel & Casino and is valued at Its cost is about 2000 million euros.

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“The beauty of Sphere is not only the cutting-edge technology that will make it unique, with the most advanced sound system in the world, but also Its capabilities to create an immersive experience in real and imaginary landscapes Edge explains. In short, it is a palette of unparalleled range and precision and unique opportunity. We’d be crazy if we didn’t accept the invitation, U2’s chief musical and technological brainchild.

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object name ‘U2: UV Achtung Baby Live At The Sphere, U2’s residency in Las Vegas (legend imitations by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and followed by veteran artists like Elton John and Celine Dion or Sting) He will revive the songs “Achtung Baby” (1991), along with The Joshua Tree (1987), the quartet’s masterpiece. Playing “One,” “Even Better Than The Real Thing,” and “Mysterious Ways,” among other hits, the band will attempt to conquer the audiovisual innovation and landscape brought by the “ZOO TV ”” tour. The year turns 30 of its completion.

“We need to get back on stage and see the faces of our fans again. They are building a unique stage for us (…) We’re the right band, “Achtung Baby” the right album and The Sphere the right place to take your live music experience to the next level.Justified U2, which returns almost four years after the end of their last tour (December 2019 in Bombay, at the end of another ‘revival’ tour, the ‘The Joshua Tree’ tour). No specific dates have been revealed. Neither are ticket prices. , which will be sold through the “Verified Fan” system of the Ticketmaster giant and which, most likely, will not be available to mere mortals at all.

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