The trick you need to know to remove dust from window bars

Cleaning hard-to-reach corners of the house is one of the most complicated tasks in the house. Window bars are one of those places where dirt and dust spots collect the most and in the least visible way. The short distance between one rail and the other makes it more complicated for any cleaning method to reach all corners of it until the accumulated dust is removed.

Far from looking for products or devices responsible for sucking dust residues under narrow bars, there is a solution available to all homes: all you need is a hair dryer. Simply unfold the back of the dryer to put it in a plastic bag and roll it up again to catch those stubborn stains at the bottom of the driveway.Extra cleaning trick

Once the stains are removed from the rails, it will be much easier to clean them. There is a very popular household method that only needs two products that are widely used for cleaning: baking soda and white vinegar. Mixing both products and applying them to the bars will cause a sparkling reaction that lifts the dirt and makes it much easier to remove.

Remember that periodically in our decoration section you will find all kinds of tricks that we hope will help you improve the cleanliness of your home. Home experts say it’s not what you clean as much as what you don’t clean. This means: you can save time and even money by arranging.

In addition, cleaning products today are accessible to almost anyone. In fact, in our Life and Style section, we often tell you about good-priced products that you can get from your trusted supermarket. These are the items that will make your life easier.

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When it comes to cleaning, it’s also not a good idea to overwhelm yourself with the need to do it all in one day. In fact, he picks up many bad habits in housework due to the “obsession” to leave everything for one day. Experts in this type of work assert that it is best to spread them out over several days of the week to make the tasks more bearable. It is okay to waste an hour on Today if at the end of the month it makes the job affordable.

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