The trick to paying less than three euros for your HBO Max subscription (it’s legal)

HBO Max is one of the platforms with the largest number of followers in our country. Many subscribers in recent months highlight the quality of their series and movies. In fact, one of the biggest bets on this platform was its own production. Unlike strategies like Netflix, which arrived in Spain with a catalog partially bought from others, HBO has managed to mark its own.

In recent months, its main competitor’s decision to start bit by bit to control shared accounts has led many to think of HBO as the platform of choice. But many times I am sure when you are in front of the TV the show is so great that you wonder what you are watching. Well, there are two movies you shouldn’t miss that are both in the HBO catalog.

Save on your subscription

but How do you pay less for HBO? Well, now that the platform has allowed you to share accounts (which Netflix doesn’t), you can do it on platforms like Foca where you enter your name and password and share accounts. So much so that you can get one for less than three euros and enjoy all the content.

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And it is that if there is something that sets the HBO catalog apart, it is its stability. Unlike other platforms that stream and stream series and movies in Max, the goal is for the viewer not to get lost. That’s why one of the things we recommend we’re sure of is two things: that it’ll stick around for a while so you can put it on your list in peace and that you’ll definitely be able to enjoy it more than once because everyone will be talking about it.

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The first recommendation is “The Scandal,” a film about sexual assault and television that won multiple Academy Awards and tells the story of several Fox News anchors. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a good chance.

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