The trick to getting your sheets back white is washing the bedding

Over time, naturally Sheets and pillowcases are getting more yellow And lose the bright color to begin with. We all like to sleep with clean sheets and although a yellowish color does not necessarily mean that they are dirty, it gives us a feeling of that. We explain A simple household trick restores the target without damaging it.

On average, in bed He spends (or should spend) at least a third of the day, experts recommend He sleeps 8 hours out of 24 a day. With today’s life expectancy, you spend an average of 20 to 25 years asleep. This is why it is very important that the bed is clean and thus able to control mites and microorganisms that can settle in our sheets.

There are many so-calledGrandma’s RemediesIt can be used to make our bed very clean. The internet has become the most popular place where we can find these homemade tricks. Bleach is usually present in many of these tricks, but you have to be careful with it because misuse can damage the sheets and we end up throwing them away.

Borax, the product that will help you whiten

Supermarkets are full of products that seek to make our lives easier with household and cleaning tasks. But we can always enhance its usefulness. In the trick that we are going to explain today to return the white color to the sheets and pillows, we will only need: A neutral dishwashing detergent, aluminum foil, warm water, and borax.borax, or sodium borateIt is a widely used chemical in Europe and is found in many detergents and cleaning products in supermarkets. also, It can be purchased at pharmacies Separately this is what we will need to whiten the sheets.

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Take a basin and fill it with warm water, don’t fill it to the top or it will overflow when we put the sheets on. Then add a cup of detergent and stir well until everything is well dissolved. The next step is adding A tablespoon of borax And now yes, you can submerge the sheet or pillowcase for good measure.

It is recommended to wear rubber gloves throughout the process so as not to come into contact with the chemical products. 20 minutes laterYou can now put it in the washing machine and add a piece of aluminum foil. This last step will help give the fabric a more intense white color.

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