The trick to defrosting meat in five minutes (not in the microwave)

freeze meat It is one of the best ways to prevent bacteria from multiplying and helps maintain the quality of that food, but this process can be a real headache when you forget to defrost the meat at the right time. Fortunately, there is an easy and infallible trick that will allow you to get it Food is ready to cook in just 5 minutes.

Trying to cook frozen meat when we forget to take it out of the freezer in time can be a real nightmare. A must for those who don’t have a microwave in their kitchen Wait up to 30 minutes for the meat to completely thaw. The good news is that The cooking trick known as the double upside down pot It’s perfect for speeding up the process of safely defrosting food, especially when we have little time to cook.

How to defrost meat in 5 minutes

According to the Spanish Agency for Food and Nutrition Safety: “Freezing is a safe way to preserve food It extends its useful life And in turn, it contributes to reducing food waste. ” So, meat is thawed in five minutes You only need a few pots and a bagThose that are used to freeze food, such as those with a ZIP closure, are preferred. So, we get down to business: when the meat is taken out of the freezer, it’s time to put an empty bowl upside down in the sink.

At the bottom, on top of the pot, the meat is placed in the bag. On top of this is placed the second bowl filled with hot water. This trick helps cut defrosting time by more than half.

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This is mainly due to the fact that Quickly transfer the cold meat to the empty pot upside down. Meanwhile, the hot water pot applies pressure and heat to the frozen food. This way, the meat will be ready to cook in just 5 minutes.

As you can see, the inverted double pot trick is perfect for those who don’t have a microwave in their kitchen. This method of cooking does not allow food to simply melt save time, It is also very useful when we forget to get food out of the fridge beforehand.

The size of the pieces is important

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This trick can fail if you do not take into account the importance of cutting this food, because you are putting this trick into practice You have to use individual cuts of meatAny piece, fillet, chicken thigh. However, it is not entirely effective for large or whole pieces.

Once thawed, these pieces should be cooked after two days. Try not to spend more than a couple of days with them, or they won’t be in good shape to eat.

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