The ‘Top’ Selling Mercadona Slimming And Moisturizing Product

The range of options and products that exist to achieve a flat stomach is endless. However, there are supermarket chains such as Mercadona, that apart from betting on an unparalleled arsenal of cosmetics to achieve this mission, they are also betting on drinks that meet – or at least help – 10- Get a belly.

There are plenty of people out there who want to stand up to those extra “lbs” we’ve gained in recent months or who simply want to achieve a perfect torso.

Other than the gym, a proper and varied diet and controlled personal care, there are products like the ones that cause a stir at Juan Roig’s company.

On this occasion, Mercadona offered for sale a drink that had two functions: It moisturizes and reduces.

flavored water

The new product that unleashes the madness of Mercadona customers is flavored waterwhich you can find in two different flavors: Lemonon the one hand, and berries, to the other side.

The characteristics of this product are that it is Refreshing, saturated, has a fruity flavor and is low in calories.

In addition, it corresponds to one of the main premises of the supermarket chain: it is suitable for all pockets. Mercadona flavored water costs less than one euro specifically 0.70 cents a liter.

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