The Times describes Santiago Abascal as “the Spanish Donald Trump who idealizes Franco”.

“Spanish Donald Trump Who Perfects Franco”. This is how the British media “The Times” headlines an article published this Sunday about the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal. Without elaborating, journalist Matthew Campbell describes the man from Bilbao as “a hard-line ideologist bent on reclaiming Gibraltar, which is currently under British rule”.

The article is in fact a radiogram of the rise of the right-wing parties in Spain, as it has happened in various European countries. In our case, the aforementioned media warns, the conservative party has just arrived six years From existence to rank third in Congress, only behind PSOE and PP.

Participation of the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in Vox’s work

Edward St. Bernard

As a result of the last 28m elections, Campbell says, Vox is committed to entering the various regional parliaments alongside the “Conservative People’s Party”; It is of particular concern to the editor, who describes the commander of the green formation as “nostalgic for the fascist general Francisco FrancoHe asserts that he wants to expel tens of thousands of immigrants.

The article continues: “He enjoyed participating in bizarre propaganda stunts on horseback and called for an end to the Muslim occupation of Spain.” Its followers, many of whom are retired military personnel, advocate a set of Catholic values ​​similar to those of the Fratelli d’Italia (Melloni’s party) and seek to repeal the law. Historical memory promoted by the government of Pedro Sanchez, “he points out.

Support Donald Trump

The report follows up on Vox’s proposal to ban far-left and pro-independence parties. It also explains the Conservative formation’s proposal to allow “good Spaniards” to own guns and allow them to be used in self-defense without legal consequences.

Referring to this action, he cites the support of the former President of the United States, Donald Trumpto the Abascal party with a video message in one of its rallies, in addition to the parallels that unite both, such as the desire to strengthen the walls that separate their country with Mexico, in the American case, and with Morocco, in the Spanish case.

Let’s go back to 36.

Campbell also refers to what happened last October during the two-day party of the game, when the group ‘Los Meconios’ sarcastically performed a song whose lyric read “We’re going back to 36” (the year of the Francoist coup that started the Spanish Civil War).

Both the musical group and the party defended the ironic intent of that phrase, among others such as: “If you’re gay and want to go see a gay pride, you must show your good sex card at Cogam” or “Feminists protest for gang rapeThere are 10 others for investigation, I don’t care that they are from Senegal.

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